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Hitting the Bulls-Eye of Marketing

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Unless you’re a professional dart player, hitting the bulls-eye on a dart board may seem nearly impossible. Obviously it isn’t, but for the average player, it’s hard to focus on where to actually aim when trying to hit the center of the board.

Pr-082-TRI-28_11_10-026 This should not be the case when it comes to marketing. In fact, hitting the nail right on the head is crucial to your marketing method. Targeting your audience is what will sell your product.

It’s true that you often see ads that are fairly general, but for the most part, businesses still market to the audience that will be purchasing the product.

Why It’s Important

Say you’re a young, vivacious twenty-two-year-old young woman watching television and a new ad for Maybelline comes on. They’re advertising a new lipstick color in the shade of fire-truck red. It’s a hot color, it’s sexy and you feel like it could be just what you needed on your next Saturday out on the town.

The commercial then ends with a sixty-eight-year-old woman sensually glossing her lips with the new product. She may even blow you a kiss.

For some reason, this kind of ruins the product for young adults. It may even ruin the entire brand name for young women everywhere. While the brand isn’t implying that older women do not wear makeup, their targeted audiences are usually young women between the ages of 18 and 35. This is why targeting a specific audience is important.

Why General can be Damaging

People like to know who the product is for before they purchase it. A buyer is well aware that the company cannot individually target or label their products for each person in the world, but they like to know that the product they are buying is not going to be the same one your husband purchases.

As many people are aware, only women use tampons, so it’s clear that only women will be the targeted audience when purchasing tampons. Since there are dozens of different variations of tampons, using each type of product can help change your targeted audience, from the active, sports player or mom who is constantly on her feet to the business woman needing a slim fit for a special occasion.

Remaining too general can drive traffic and buyers away. Buying the wrong product or having a bad experience because you didn’t buy the right type of product can be the reason that you choose to take your business elsewhere.

Shows Concern

People like to be cared for. It’s human nature. When you target an audience, in a specific and concerning tone, the feeling of care and kindness is displayed in your marketing.

The soccer mom or dad want to feel that the car your business created is specially created to cater to their everyday lifestyle.

“For the man with sensitive skin” is a clear example of being direct and sending a message to men with sensitive skin everywhere: they don’t have to shop or buy a different brand because their brand is doing their job in expressing concern for all types of skin.

Each person in the audience that your marketing method is targeting can feel like they have a brand or company that meets and cares about their needs.

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