Marketing the Old-Fashioned Way

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bulletinboard  The phrase ‘old-fashioned’ can mean a number of different time frames. For moms and dads, it was a time when you were one of the first people on the block with an electric microwave. For the millennial generation, it’s a time where you had to wait for your parents to get off of the phone so you can sign onto the Internet.

While technology has significantly changed throughout the years, marketing still finds a way to serve its purpose. Even your parents are figuring out how to use Facebook and Pinterest, so social media has spread itself out from generation to generation.

It’s often a common misconception that if you’re marketing offline, your business will fail. That is not the case. Using marketing methods beside the Internet are still as effective as they may seem.

The Bulletin Board

The good, old-fashioned bulletin board that you see at the grocery store actually does serve a purpose. If you have some extra time, sit outside of your local grocery store and see how many people take a few minutes to check the board out. Despite what you may assume, people do stop and read the memos on the board.

Now, is the bulletin board the only method you should use? Absolutely not! It is like film; a dying art. It’s not dead yet. It’s still viewed by a number of customers, especially in smaller towns. Their local grocery stores aren’t as flooded with customers, so many of the locals find time to check out what’s going on in their area.

Paper Ads

Again, this method is not meant to be used alone. Marketing through the mail is not what it once was. If an envelope is addressed to ‘resident’ instead of an actual person, it almost immediately makes its way to the trash, especially if your business name or brand is not well-established.

If your brand is beginning to grow and become more popular, paper ads can be a great method of marketing because people are willing to read what your business has to say. Offering coupons or free product samples is another incentive to promote the mail to be opened rather than ignored.

When your business can afford ads that can be included in the Sunday newspaper, which is another great way to market. Many people no longer subscribe to the newspaper but are more than willing to purchase the Sunday newspaper.

Word of Mouth

This can be crucial to the spread of your business throughout a community. Not only is it important, but it’s served as a practical method of marketing for decades.

For those of you who don’t know, there once was a time where telephones, televisions and computers weren’t around.

When your customers or clients share your services or products via word of mouth, this is almost an unbeatable method of marketing. Family and friends are more willing to trust someone they know who has experience with your business rather than a paid advertisement they see elsewhere. Once someone has spoken positively of your business, it can open the door to new clients who are willing to give your products and services a try.

If you have a trusted group of clients or customers that you regularly work with, don’t be afraid to ask them to share their experience with friends and family. It’s a great, natural way promote your business without actually doing any advertising yourself.

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