12 Communication Software Tools to Support Your Business

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No matter which type of business you operate, effective communication is vital to ongoing success. Much of the time, you may not have your whole team there in the same workspace, which is why cloud-based software is so useful for collaboration. It’s likely that your company has been making use of Zoom during the current pandemic, but which other software tools are useful to support comms?

1. Beekeeper

Beekeeper is a top communication solution to help your team work together more efficiently. Staff can message one another in real-time, either in groups or individually. Using Beekeeper, your employees can also share content, files and docs with ease. The software allows individuals to easily search for the info they require, using various labels and categories. With Beekeeper, comments and posts are translated automatically, into whichever language you require. Communication errors are reduced, and the process of communicating across language barriers is streamlined. Using Beekeeper, you can automate workflows, create surveys, and gain valuable analytics.

2. Flock

Flock is a business comms tool which helps companies to boost productivity and unify teams. The software features team messaging, where staff can exchange project info with ease. Flock can be used to organize all of your various conversations, whether in private or public channels. With Flock, you can provide real-time feedback and share files in seconds. Using TLS 1.2 data encryption, you can rest assured that your communications are protected from unauthorized access. Further features of Flock include polls, multiple integrations, admin controls and search functionality.

3. Samepage

Samepage helps your teams to collaborate efficiently using meeting agendas, discussion topics, scheduling and instant messaging. The software keeps a record of important info, that can be easily accessed and shared. Samepage has the management tools you need to enhance productivity and boost the success of your projects. The app can also offer insights on your overall performance, helping you to determine areas for improvement. Samepage provides a variety of attractive features including file synchronization, data encryption, video conferencing and scheduling.

4. Mangoapps

Mangoapps is a platform to help staff perform their tasks better and faster, while offering a quality collaboration experience. Using Mangoapps, you can create various groups within the platform, according to goals, skills, or specializations. You can support the creation of a business website, and allow staff a place to organize and discuss their projects. Users can set up milestones for each task, meaning that you’ll get more organized and make the most of your time. Mangoapps offers plenty more handy benefits including profile and employee graphs, team CRM, forms and surveys.

5. Call Cowboy

This solution helps you to improve communication with your customers, enhance efficiency and improve your professionality. Call Cowboy software allows you to turn your phone into a high performing company dialling platform. Whether you need a power dialer, a local number or toll-free, the software can meet your needs. With Call Cowboy’s Interactive Voice Response, you can design a professional greeting for your callers, which then sends them to the correct department or employee. The software also features an SMS Autoresponder, allowing you to deploy auto-text to help you handle sales.

6. ZohoCliq

ZohoCliq incorporates voice, video, and instant messaging to give your teams multiple collaboration options. Using ZohoCliq, you can use multiple channels at the same time, all available from a single window. With ZohoCliq, you can separate key posts from longer threads and convos using the ‘fork’ setting. There’s no need to attach your files, you can simply drag and drop directly into the chat window. If you use Zoho Business software, it’s simple to integrate the two apps, plus various other integrations. You’ll also enjoy features such as notification feeds, slash commands, SSL encryption and task bot automation.

7. Jostle

Jostle is a staff intranet referred to as a ‘People Engagement’ platform. The software was designed to boost employee engagement and help staff to stay productive and connected. Jostle enables employees to access updates and info while separating data by employee type, division or location. Some of the best features of Jostle are story sharing, events planning, workplace structures and matrix reporting.

8. Podio

Podio is a collaboration tool which helps staff to get organized and complete high-quality projects. Podio uses a system that organizes convos and content in a centralized place. No matter if you’re closing a lead or working on a sub-task, Podio provides you with all that you need. Podio features an open API, so you can create customized apps that work for you. No more restrictions on your software, here you can tailor your solutions to your needs. The platform also provides you with reports so you can get a clear picture of the progress of your team. From CRM and personal dashboards to social collaboration and automated workflows, Podio has a whole lot to get excited about.

9. Ryver

Ryver is a platform designed to help companies communicate more effectively.  Ryver has an open API so you can use it with tools such as Dropbox, Google Drive or Zapier. With the software, you can create teams, use private or public chats, post reminders, search globally and more! The way that business teams communicate has changed significantly over the past few years. With an increasing amount of remote employees and pressure to get results faster, cloud-based comms tools are increasingly important.

10. Asana

Asana is one of the most popular project management tools out there, a detailed piece of software which allows you to structure your workloads. Using Asana, you can assign tasks, share details, set deadlines and more. Asana uses boards to enable you to visualize workloads and stick to priorities. It’s easy to share your results with your colleagues and determine where to focus next. Using Asana, you can access timelines, get Kanban support, receive real-time updates, add followers and monitor tasks.

11. High Five

High Five is a video conferencing solution to help businesses conduct meetings and conferences online. With High Five, you don’t need to install special devices, nor headsets and mics. The image and sound quality are top-notch, including features that dampen the background noise. High Five also features screen sharing, custom domain, analytics, network evaluation and an active directory. What’s more, High Five offers an easy set-up, it only takes a few minutes to get the software up and running on your device. At a time when many companies have been forced to work from home, a high performing video conferencing tool is crucial.

12. Wrike

Wrike is a top project management tool which won the award for ‘Best Project Management Software’ in 2018. Using Wrike you can discuss, monitor and schedule in real-time, this flexible solution allows you to enhance organization and facilitate creativity. The software has a layout of three panels, each showing projects at various stages of completion. Other leading project management tools include, Basecamp and Proofhub.

Depending on your team size, set-up and needs, some solutions may work better for you than others. If your current software isn’t meeting your needs, don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s only throughout a process of trial and error that you’ll find workable systems which are perfect for your business. Finally, Zapier is a fantastic software tool, which can help you to use all of your essential apps simultaneously. Using Zapier, you don’t need to rely on the set integrations, simply use the app to combine the tools that you like best.

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