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13 Pieces Of Advice For Start Up You Might Not Be Familiar With

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upgraph-300x150  When talking about startup, there is only one question to ask that everyone seems to have an answer to. What are some of the most strange and unorthodox, but still good key points of advice that you can give other, and maybe new, startup founders? Here are thirteen of the best answers that experts could come up with.

Get A Cleaning Robot

When you are dedicated and in startup mode, you don’t stop to think about cleaning. The only problem with this is that your environment has an impact on your productivity, so making sure that your office and workspace is clean could be very vital. Think about hiring a professional cleaning company or some type of cleaning robot to ensure that you are working in a clean environment, which in turn will help you to produce great work.

Head To The Gym

You might not find this to be accurate; however, it’s true that you can work more efficiently after you have engaged in exercise. This could seem a little counter-productive for most, although those start up founders that don’t engage in exercise regularly find it difficult to maintain their focus, harder to be creative, challenging to keep up with a healthy diet, and are usually less happy with their home life.

Clean The Mug’s Of Your Employees

As you are both the founder and the leader within your startup,Β  you would like to show your team that everyone will need to take on different roles throughout your company. Some of these roles are interesting, while some of them aren’t. Consider taking one morning of the week to go around and ask employees if they would like to have their mugs cleaned. You might enjoy cleaning, although this is to show your employees that you are not above the position of dishwashers.

Create A Rewards Belt

You can develop fun ways to reward your employees. Consider presenting them with a reward’s belt each time that they go out of their way to do something exceptional inside the company. You will soon start to see that all employees are working at their top performance when you present them with fun and unique rewards.

Decorate Your Office

When your workspace is boring, employees are less likely to be productive. Finding the right decorations that are inexpensive and keep your employees motivated could be a little difficult, but studies have shown that the performance of employees is enhanced and their surroundings will energize and inspire them. Inspiration can be found in many forms; therefore, you need to ensure that the decorations you choose to go in line with the goals of your business.

No To Shoes, Yes To Service

People take their shoes off when they are in their homes, and this is where some of the most successful startups begins. Your employees need to feel like they are at home when they are working in the office, and they need to consider their co-workers like a family. Allow them to remove their shoes in the office, your employees will be more than willing to stay later at night and will start bonding with other co-workers.

Start Working In Corporate America

This might come off a little strange, although it is very true. It is better for you to make your mistakes and learn while under someone else’s watch before you try to risk it all by yourself. If you don’t have the right skills to begin with, starting your own company is going to be the longest battle of your life.

Encourage Relaxation Periods

Nearly seven hours after rolling out of bed in the morning you start to feel less energetic, which causes you to work less effectively. This is one of the best times to have a snack break or a short nap. Research has proven that taking a nap in the middle of the day will boost your performance. Some of your employees might not be comfortable with taking a nap during work; therefore, you can set a great example by taking one yourself.

Get Over It!

You need to stop worrying about the fact that you will be turning off many people when you are operating your start up. This will include your friends, family, media, prospective customers,Β  prospective investors and so on. After you have done this, you will notice that all the extra weight you had been carrying is now greatly reduced.

Stop Trying To Boil The Ocean

This phrase gives you a great visual, and it effectively encapsulates one of the major challenges for those in a startup. You need to face the challenge, and take it one single gulp at a time.

Provide Some Of Your Time To Other Start Ups

You can spend as little as 10 hours each week advising other startups; this may be as a beta tester or sounding board. It’s nice to have tunnel vision with your company’s products; however, when you support others, it has some very positive effects. You will be meeting some skilled and interesting individuals who are able to help you, and you will also discover interesting ways to get through some of your own challenges.

Give Yourself A Vacation

You really need to take one. When you are leaving your employees to let them work on their own, you will notice all the gaps in your company, and then when you return you can work on fixing them. You should be able to take a vacation for a few weeks without your company falling apart.

Don’t Live With Your Co-Founders

You should never live with your co-founders. When you are engaged in a startup, you are most likely spending up to 20 hours each day with your co-founders. It is highly likely that they will eventually start irritating you. If you are having to spend all of your free time with them as well, you will add their typical everyday lifestyle into your problems too, which is exactly the opposite of what you need.

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