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24-hour Habits on How To Start a Business

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Surely, there is truth to the saying “Time is Money”.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, we are all given equal amounts of time everyday. The CEO of a large corporation, a waiter at a restaurant, a teacher, a doctor and a carpenter are all given 24 hours a day.

The question is…how do you spend your 24 hours? Come to think of it, how does the average Joe spend his 24 hours and how does a successful person spend his 24 hours?

The average Joe who is paid $10 an hour will earn $80 a day for 8 hours of work. This means that out of the 24 hours he is given, he has only been productive for 8 hours.

On the other hand, a successful person buys the time of other people and this is exactly what an employer does. In addition to time, an employer buys the talent and energy of his employees as well. In other words, the employer pays his employees to work for him.

Like for example, a successful company that has 10 full-time employees who work 40 hours a week means the employee basically pays for 400 hours of the employees’ time on a weekly basis. The employer makes a profit by controlling the time they spent doing valuable work for the company.

Time is more important than money and anyone who is successful in business certainly knows this. They realize that one day, they will run out of time and this is something they can’t buy. So always bear in mind that time is a limited resource that we all lose a little bit of everyday.

For those starting a small business, you have to spend your time wisely and be as productive as possible. Bottom line…you have to control the time of other people in order to make BIG MONEY.

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