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3 Hardships Women Must Overcome to be Successful

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Although you do see many women in the business and tech world, they still face many obstacles that men don’t.

Women are slowly becoming equal to men in almost every aspect of life, whether it is obtaining job positions or running for a place in politics. Women can do everything that men can do but they are still facing some major challenges and difficulties when it comes to running a business.

  • Letting go of their fears.

While you don’t have to overcome your fear of heights when it comes to being a female entrepreneur, there are still many fears a woman holds onto on their journey to success.

Becoming a leader in the industry can be scary. Many women can be afraid of taking the next step or moving up to the next level of success. You want to be treated with respect but you also want to still be treated as a woman. In the eyes of some, women who are successful or focused on their careers are considered ‘less feminine’ or ‘money-driven’; neither of which are necessarily true.

It is important to let go of the fear that others will not accept you or your success. Be proud of your success and accomplishments regardless of who recognizes these feats.

  • Funding your startup.

If you are a startup founder who is seeking out funding, as a female, this task can prove to be more difficult than others.

In some instances, men look at other men as mirrors of themselves. They see a piece of their ambition that they once had and are more willing to fund their startups because they’re easier to relate to than a woman, although there are many men who will fund women startup founders.

Research and go through all of your resources and don’t be afraid to hear the answer ‘no’. Being rejected or denied can only fuel your motivation to keep trying and working to achieve your goals. Once you have done effective marketing, your business will speak for itself.

  • Making decisions and handling expectations.

Decision making can be difficult for women – almost as difficult as dealing with expectations that weren’t met or setting your goals too high.

Setting goals, creating outlines and making plans are a part of the female nature. You want everything to go according to plan but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. Learning how to let go of your expectations is hard but can be more beneficial to your business because you will be ready and prepared to make changes on a whim.

Some women have difficulties deciding where to eat for lunch let alone make a major choice for your company. Prepare yourself to make decisions. It is your business, so you are required to make the best choice and whatever you think will improve your company.

It is simply human nature for women to get emotionally connected to areas in their lives, including work and business. One of the challenges many women are faced with is making a dramatic choice that may wind up hurting someone or causing someone to lose a job – you must let go of these emotions and stay focused on your business and what is best for your company.

Being a woman in the workforce can be tough but there are many role models to look forward to and plenty of advice available for women everywhere. If you are a startup founder or entrepreneur, male or female, sign up for your free newsletter to Successful Startup 101.

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