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25 Company Swag Ideas People Love

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Company swag has become an important factor to please employees, clients, and attract new customers to your brand. In fact, whether they’re digital swag ideas or corporate even gift ideas, these always please everyone.

If you’re looking for the best company swag for employees or clients to strengthen your relationship, or you simply want to thank them for their hard work, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, you’ll find the best 25 company swag ideas that everyone loves. From tech products to decorative ones and summer swag ideas, you’re in the right place.

Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder – $24.99


This electric coffee grinder is an inexpensive swag idea for employees. In fact, it’s practical, convenient, and can help make fresh coffee at the office. There’s nothing more than a coffee in the morning.

Faribault Woolen Mill Co. Cabin Wool Throw – $275.00


The wool blanket from Faribault is some of the premium ideas for employee swag. Great for decoration, to stay warm at the office, and to remain comfortable when working from home.

Public Supply Notebook – $16.00


Everyone needs a notebook, and this is great inexpensive swag for employees. It’s practical to write to-do lists, reminder, or notes during meetings.

Fellow Stagg Pour-Over Kettle – $79.00


This kettle redefines the concept of corporate even gift ideas. It’s elegant, nicely designed, and practical to prepare coffee or tea in the morning. It will please both employees and clients.

Flight 001 Malpensa Fanny Backpack – $125.00


All employees need a backpack to carry their belongings such as a laptop or headphones to the gym or the office. This is one of the unique swag ideas 2020 to reward them.

Rains Duffle Bag- $110.00


Apart from a backpack, you’ll want to give a practical duffle bag as ideas for employee swag. It looks great, it feels premium to the touch, and is convenient to take around town or to the office.

United by Blue Peaks Zip Case – $18.00


This zip case can not only keep their belongings organized at the office, but it will also give your employees and customers some serious swag. Useful, good-looking, and inexpensive swag gift idea.

Standard Baggu – Thank You Happy – $12.00


This happy bag from Baggu is one of the unique swag ideas 2020 to consider. Great to spread happiness at the office and definitely one of the nice corporate event gift ideas.

Corkcicle Classic Tumbler – $29.95


Corkcicle brought some beautiful and practical tumbler for all employees and clients. It looks professional, fits well on every piece of furniture, and reminds everyone to remain hydrated. It’s also one of the great summer swag ideas.

Native Union BELT Cable – $29.99

Untitled12-205x210  This 10-foot charging cable gives swag to employees, help charge their mobile when far away, and is indestructible. To sum up, it is one of the digital swag ideas for everyone.

Art of Tea Earl Grey – $15.00


Whether your employees or clients are into tea or coffee, this will please them. The package definitely has some swag to it and will help them all wake up in the morning.

Kinto NORI Tumbler 12oz – $18.80


The small tumbler from Kinto will look good on any desk and will certainly give clients some swag when going around the office. Professionally looking, practical, and available in different colors.

LSTN The Beacon 2.0 – $129.99


Everyone wants wireless earbuds nowadays. This is some of the great ideas for employee swag. Convenient to avoid distractions at work or use at the gym, friends and coworkers will be pleased.

K+M Chocolate Hot Chocolate – $14.95


Hot chocolate gives employees swag at the office, helps clients on a challenging day, and certainly makes friends and family happy. It’s the perfect inexpensive swag gift for employees and clients.

Reborn Coffee House Blend Coffee Bean – $18.00


Just like coffee and chocolate, coffee is another important factor. Not only for swag, but also to start the day off the right foot at work. This Reborn coffee is one of the unique swag ideas 2020.

Carhartt ® Odessa Cap – $16.99


The Odessa cap from Carhartt gives some serious swag to its owners and is great to wear around town or at the gym after work. It’s also one of the summer swag ideas to consider.

Kiko Leather Double Bifold Wallet – $55.00


Elegant, professional look, and high-quality define this bifold wallet. Kiko Leather has redefined the concept of corporate even gift ideas with this product.

K+M Chocolate 75% Dark Chocolate Peru – $14.95


Chocolate is a great way to please friends and coworkers and they can’t never get enough of it. Not only is it some great ideas for employees but also to make them start their day the right way.

Matador Beast28 Packable Technical Backpack – $109.99


If your clients or employees like going hiking or backpacking, this is one of the perfect summer swag ideas. It is premium, practical, and will make everyone around you happy.

Appointed Office Notepad – $18.00


The office notepad is a great and practical item to have everywhere in the office. From taking important notes, writing dates not to forget, and more.

Sony Wireless Over-The-Ear Bluetooth Headphones – $59.99


Having some swag equipment at work to keep focused and avoid distractions is a great addition. These Sony headphones look good and are comfortable anywhere you are.

Flight 001 SpacepakUtilipak Set SML – $55.00


This is the perfect gift idea for employee swag when traveling on a business trip. Pack everything, keep everything organized, and find your belongings very easily with this spacepak from Flight 001.

Jam Hang Around Bluetooth Speaker – $49.99


A Bluetooth speaker is a great company swag idea to enjoy concentration music, to have high-quality sound during meetings, but also to take on vacation.

Incase EO Duffel – $149.95


This duffel bag will give all your employees, coworkers, and relatives some swag to impress. It’s premium, feels great, and was certainly made to give the wow factor.

Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless Earbuds – $149.95


The wireless earbuds from Powerbeats are some of the best on the market. They are practical, their quality is excellent, they’re waterproof, and more. For all these reasons, they’re one of the best corporate event gift ideas to consider.

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