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3 Big Marketing Blunders That Ecommerce Businesses Make

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The ecommerce industry is incredibly competitive, and your new business will only survive if you invest heavily in your marketing. It’s important that you have a comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy that reaches as many people as possible without costing too much. Unfortunately, a lot of new ecommerce businesses approach their marketing in the wrong way and there are a few simple mistakes that cost them dearly. If you are starting your own ecommerce business, it’s vital that you avoid these common marketing mistakes.

Focusing on One Channel

This is the biggest mistake that people make, and it often happens because business owners try to handle digital marketing on their own because they assume it’s easy. But successful digital marketing takes more than a few social media posts. It’s important that you have a multi-channel approach that focuses on all of the different social media platforms, as well as things like email marketing.

Trying to manage all of that on your own without help from professional marketing executives is difficult, which is why a lot of businesses end up focusing on one channel and missing a huge portion of their potential market. If you want to fix this, you should either hire an agency for ecommerce marketing or hire your own in-house marketing team to manage digital marketing for you. For new business, outsourcing to an agency is usually the best route because it’s far more cost effective. The right agency will help you to create a strategy that encompasses all of the different channels for maximum exposure.

Neglecting Customer Service

Having a great product is important, but there are plenty of businesses out there with great products. The ones that get ahead are the companies that offer amazing customer service. If you focus all of your efforts on creating products and marketing them online without putting too much thought into the service that you offer, you will struggle. Customers want to deal with businesses that communicate well and maintain a relationship after the point of purchase. It’s important that you invest in things like live chat software and you have a big customer service team so you can deal with customer issues in a timely manner.

Bad Product Descriptions

The product descriptions on your website are so important because they are the final push that encourages a customer to buy the product. The potential customer is already on your site browsing products, so you know that they are interested. But a bad product description can easily put them off and lose you a sale. The most common mistake that people make is simply listing all of the product features. This is boring and most people will switch off instead of getting excited about the product. If you want to improve your product descriptions, you need to tell a story. Show the customer how this product will improve their lives instead of simply listing all of the features.

These big marketing mistakes can cost you dearly and if you don’t fix them right away, you will find it incredibly hard to compete in the competitive ecommerce sector.

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