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How to Stay Productive When Working Remotely

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Remote working was becoming more of a common occurrence even before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Now, however, it has become a necessity for so many people across the globe. As of March 2020, 5 million employees in the U.S. alone were already working remotely.

There are plenty of benefits to working from home, including increased flexibility. But, there are also some potential concerns. One of the biggest issues employees face when working remotely is staying productive.

When you’re in the comfort of your own home, it’s easy to roll out of bed when you want, stay in your pajamas, and start ‘working’ whenever you feel like it. Unfortunately, that’s a recipe for disaster when it comes to being productive and getting your work done.

We’ve talked before about office design tips that can boost your productivity in the workplace. But, what can you do to increase your productivity when you’re working remotely?

Create a Routine

When you work in an office, you’re forced to have a similar routine each day. You have to get up around the same time, get ready for your day, etc., so you can arrive at work on time.

You should consider developing a routine for your remote work days, too. Wake up at the same time each day and have a morning routine in place that will help you to wake up, get energized and feel motivated. Maybe that means going for a morning run, cooking breakfast, journaling, or meditating.

Whatever your routine consists of, make it the same each day, and start your work day at the same time.

Additionally, set hours for yourself through the day that are designated to working. When those working hours are done, you can start your nightly routine. Spend time with family or friends. Unwind with a book or movie. Make sure you go to sleep around the same time each night, too.

Minimize Distractions

It’s extremely easy to fall into the trap of distractions when you’re working from home. You might have other family members there throughout the day making noise or trying to get your attention. Or, you could simply get distracted by something like the load of laundry that needs to get done.

Having a designated office space within your home is a great way to limit those distractions. Or, if you can’t find a quiet space within your own home, it might be worth it to rent out a private space or invest in a Coworking Space Membership.

Coworking offices are great for having your own private space that allows you to come and go as you please while getting out of the house. Even if you just need a change of scenery, these spaces can provide a great spot for productivity.

If you’re willing to treat your remote working opportunity the same way you would treat actually going into an office, it can absolutely work for you. You can be productive, stay motivated, and even find a bit more flexibility to improve your work-life balance.

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