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3 Vital Considerations for Workplace Security

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As we look to the future of work in what we hope will be the final months of a pandemic, it’s clear that a significant number of people will be heading back to the workplace along with those already there and those who never left. We can’t yet predict how the toll of the last 18+ months will have affected the behavior of individuals once the brakes come off for real, but we can certainly say that it’s never a bad idea to pay close attention to personal and workplace security.

Among the things that a business owes to its employees, a safe working environment is one of the most important. That’s not just a moral imperative; failure to provide a workplace in which employees can work in peace can lead to legal action with significant consequences. So if you are looking at getting the office (or any other premises) ready for the return of employees, it’s worth considering whether your workplace provides the following safety considerations.

Easy to Get Out; Hard to Get In

Although there has not been the scope to carry out studies into the matter, one thing we can all notice anecdotally about the 2020s so far is that people are ready to air grievances. This presents a concern for premises owners, as people with a grudge can all too easily seek out groups of people on whom to take out that grudge. Your building needs to be somewhere employees can shelter, where you can ensure only authorized people are allowed in. Investing in a solid, secure front door from the likes of Door Closers USA will give you control over who can enter and when.

Keep It Well Lit 

In the summer months, it’s easy to forget how fraught a walk through a darkened area can be. As the year moves on, any office or commercial premises that stays open beyond dusk can become an area of risk for its employees. If someone has to walk a long way to their car, to a bus stop, or even all the way home in a dimly-lit area, they are naturally at greater risk than those who do not. Your premises must be well-lit, and ideally should always be in an area which is equally well-lit. That means petitioning your local city council if necessary; your employees can’t be expected to put themselves in danger just to get home.

Learn from Mistakes and Near-Misses

It’s hard to accept that you haven’t done enough to keep employees safe, but most employers can recall at least one mistake that led to a security breach, or which could have led to one in less fortunate circumstances. Any time something happens that makes you think of how badly the situation could have gone, it is incumbent on you to act to make sure it never happens again by updating your security policy. Policies you might wish to adopt include not using employees’ real names in communications, as this can encourage reprisals from dissatisfied customers; or using a registered address if your office is in a residential area.

The Bottom Line

Your employees are your most valuable resource as a business, so protecting them is of more importance than throwing a ring of steel around any hardware. Keep this in mind and work hard to ensure that your staff are safe at all times.

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