3 Ways to Show Your Remote Workers You Appreciate Them

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It’s no wonder remote employees feel estranged from the core of their company sometimes. In a worst-case scenario, these workers receive occasional check-ins but barely any praise or intentional inclusion. As a woman in leadership, you want to treat everyone you employ as an integral piece in your business and as a person worth investing in. To accomplish this, consider these ways to show your remote workers you appreciate them.

Celebrate Professional and Personal Milestones

The first step toward showing employees that you know and appreciate them is by remembering important dates on their calendar. Tracking their anniversary with the company helps you take part in a meaningful time for them. This is when workers look back on what they accomplished over the last 52 work weeks and, as their manager, you can affirm their value to the company on these days and make their anniversary even better.

Also, make a big deal out of certain personal occasions in their life. Birthdays are a no-brainer and a good place to start. If they are looking forward to a wedding or baby, thoughtfully check in and express your excitement. It will surprise you how many people appreciate this personal investment. These gestures help you foster a relationship with remote staff who often feel anonymous at work.

Publicly Acknowledge Their Achievements

Next, publicly call out their wins. While a congratulatory message between you and a supervisee shows that you notice their work, it helps to make a more public statement. When it comes to remote work, others often don’t learn about their colleagues’ accomplishments. Break down these digital barriers by habitually calling out their sales prowess, problem-solving abilities, teamwork, and other successes. When you do so, be specific and effusive rather than general and brief.

Surprise Them With a Gift

Here’s one final way to show your remote workers your appreciation—give them a gift! Shipping a surprise present to their home is an excellent way to show you are thinking of them and happy with their work. Otherwise, consider how to buy your employees holiday gifts so that you can bring a bit of office culture to them. When your staff is remote and does all their work digitally, it’s refreshing to receive something tangible from work.

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