How to Protect Your Store From Burglary

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As a retail business owner, you take pride in all you’ve built. A store isn’t simply a place where you sell products—it’s the space in which you express your business’s personality and meet new people. This is where you create a comfortable environment for your visitors, welcoming everyone in.

Despite your efforts, there’s a looming risk that a ne’er-do-well could compromise your store by stealing cash or products. To keep your staff and customers safe while limiting theft in the first place, consider how to protect your store from burglary.

Prioritize Visibility

First of all, make sure you don’t limit your in-store visibility. Pay attention to your lighting—ensure there are no dark spots by installing bright lights throughout the interior. Also, keep up with replacing burnt-out bulbs. Not only does consistent lighting deter would-be robbers, but it also improves the look of your store.

Beyond lighting, think through your layout. If there are obstacles you can move or remove to preserve visibility from the register, do so. For more permanent obstacles, utilize mirrors to broaden your view of your store.

Install a Surveillance System

To further expand your view of everything, implement a comprehensive surveillance system. Its adaptive video capabilities will allow you to easily identify a thief. Also, video cameras are one of the most effective deterrents, particularly when paired with sufficient lighting. There are many considerations when choosing a surveillance system, including the number of cameras and their type, that you should know before purchasing a system.

Meanwhile, your surveillance system can incorporate an access control alarm system that alerts you when certain windows and doors are open. This, coupled with alarms that trigger when a robber passes the exit with your product, will quicken your response time, translating to less money lost to robbery.

Train Your Employees Thoroughly

Another way to protect your store from burglary involves training your employees regularly. Unfortunately, they are often on the hook to deal with these stressful situations, so any practice you can give them helps in these crises.

Training frequently involves practicing safe opening and closing practices, as this is when staff is most vulnerable. Securing the store for the night is of the utmost importance. Additionally, train employees to count and handle larger sums of cash in private, out of view from customers and potential thieves.

In the case of a burglary, teach staff to remain calm, comply with the robber, and immediately call for help. If they do witness a simply shoplifting case, encourage them to resist confronting a customer unless they have others around to support them.

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