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4 Marketing Areas Every Business Needs to Prioritize

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While so many people think about marketing as being just one major topic, according to industry leader Polkadot Communications, it can actually be broken down into different sub-categories with their own unique disciplines. You could argue that marketing is just one thing dressed up in different ways, but marketing is such a complex area for any new entrepreneur, so they need to know the best types of specializations that can benefit them. Here are four that every business needs to prioritize.

Video Marketing

Video marketing covers so many different areas, from content to educational videos or live videos, but if you do not have videos as part of your marketing strategy you are missing out on a lot of potential custom. Online videos make up over 80% of all internet traffic, and if you are not utilizing the power of YouTube, it’s time to get help from an ad agency. You can look at to see about the different types of services on offer. Needless to say, video marketing is an amazing way for you to appeal to people instantly.

Social Media Marketing

A key part of any business marketing strategy is social media. Many businesses have a social media account, but few do not utilize it properly. Social media is an amazing way to connect to a certain demographic. For example, you can use LinkedIn if you’re trying to connect with professionals or you can use Facebook to connect with younger audiences. Social media marketing covers a wide variety of disciplines in itself, and because you can use social media as a platform all in itself, you may think that you should focus on this rather than your own website. However, the reality is that there are benefits to both. In many ways, they both complement the other.

Market Research

Promoting your business is not just to do with the type of content you put out, but about understanding the people who will benefit from your services. Market research is essential because if you are attempting to utilize certain metrics to define the quality of leads, you will need to gain insight into what motivates them to buy a product. There’s a guide on that can get you started. But market research, when done right, can provide a lot of information on a customer. Many established businesses will use certain metrics to measure engagement with a website, but businesses that are just starting out can benefit from market research as a way to provide more focus on which demographics will benefit them.

Email Marketing

It is something that many businesses utilize but email marketing still has a place in the modern world. In fact, it is one of the more cost-effective methods for business; as many as 87% of marketers will use email marketing to disseminate their content because it can be an amazing access point to customers to ensure they engage with the brand in the right way.Β 

Every business needs to prioritize marketing in some way, and these are four areas that we all need to focus on.

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