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4 Ways That Your Organization Can Use Data Analytics

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What Do We Mean by Data Analytics?

Data analytics means the procedure of examining datasets, to make conclusions about the info they possess. Data analytics methods allow you to gather raw data and detect patterns to extract useful insights.

Data analytics techniques rely on specialist software and systems, which integrate algorithms, machine learning, and automation. The process of data analysis can help businesses with many different tasks, from personalizing content to designing customer personas and assessing ad campaigns. Let’s take a closer look at the ways that your company can use data analytics.

1. A Detailed View of Your Customer

Organizations need to learn everything they can about their customers and target audience. Using data analytics, your business can uncover even the smallest details, and use these to your advantage. A few examples include demographics such as age, location, gender, approx salary, interests, aspirations, and social media info.

It’s also useful to collect data such as net promoter score and user experience data. With a detailed view of your customer, you can improve your customer relationships, and enhance your products. Responding to your customer wants and desires is an ongoing part of boosting your success.

2. Marketing Insights

Data analytics can help your business to gain valuable marketing insights, allowing you to improve your marketing, whether that’s type of content, timing, or which platforms to use. Besides this, you can discover new market opportunities, which can help you to expand your target audience, or tweak your strategy on a certain platform. Using data analytics you can find out which of your content is performing the best, which influencer campaigns are working, and how successful your video marketing is. To improve productivity and boost your marketing campaigns, data is the key.

3. Boost Your Customer Service

With a clear insight into your customer’s preferences and behaviors, you’ll be able to  improve customer service. Data insights allow you to personalize your customer service, and it’s personalization that helps an individual to feel valued by a brand. With so much competition out there, perfecting your customer service is essential. What’s more, customers who’ve had a great experience will often share the good news on social media. For improved customer relationships, you need the right kind of data.

4. Improve Product Quality

Using data analytics you can focus on what is and isn’t working about your product or service, and strive to do better. Your customers have plenty of valuable info that can help you to improve your ROI, you’ve just got to collect it. From your product and market testing to your customer feedback, it’s essential to devise a strong quality control strategy.

To support your data analytics, get in touch with ThorTech Consulting. The company has plenty of experience providing data analytics for businesses. ThorTech relies on advanced tech and machine learning, to provide superior data sets and analysis. With the right data analytics processes, there’s no limit to your success.

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