Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for the Remote Workplace

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It’s time to celebrate progressing through your business’s tough year with some holiday cheer! Though you may not be able to see each other in person, every employee in your company has been an irreplaceable factor in its success and deserves some special treatment during the festive end of the quarter. With these virtual holiday party ideas for the remote workplace, you’ll make up for the hardships of distance in the office.

Secret Santa

Enhance any holiday party by organizing a secret Santa for everyone to participate in. Place a limit on how much money people can spend on their gifts so everyone knows what sorts of things to add to their wish lists. Online wish lists provide everyone easy access to the sorts of things coworkers want along with an easy way to order the products. So long as everyone keeps their wish lists up to date, no one will have to uncomfortably guess what others want—removing the awkwardness that comes with a standard Secret Santa.

A Short Virtual Celebration

You may struggle with making everyone feel included while out of the office, but a company-wide virtual celebration can provide entertainment and a break from the usual workload. Host the meeting over your usual meeting platform and use it for games, shows, and words of praise and affirmation. Come up with several activities to take place over the course of an afternoon.

To enhance the excitement of the celebration, gift employees with their own corporate grab bags. Stuff care packages with company merchandise and small corporate gifts that you’ve ordered in bulk. Add holiday drinks or snacks for your employees to enjoy during the meeting.

Come Up With a Creative Theme

It’s possible to spice up any virtual holiday party ideas for the remote workplace with an interesting theme. Host a costume contest for employees’ favorite holiday movies and characters or even an ugly sweater contest. Adding a theme to your party will help define it and make it memorable for everyone involved. If you need some inspiration for your standard party, consider these classic theming ideas:

  • Holiday movies
  • Ugly sweaters
  • Gingerbread
  • Favorite winter activities
  • Snowmen

Remember that everyone might celebrate different holidays during the festive season, and some might not celebrate at all. Be mindful during your celebrations to include everyone whenever possible.

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