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Gary Vaynerchuk’s Weekly Wrap-Up (4/27/15)

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To get the brand new work week off to a great start, we’re going to begin this installment of GaryVee’s weekly wrap-up with the article β€œ5 Pieces of Wisdom for Small Business Owners”. Gary begins by saying he knows a thing or two about starting a business and that he loves helping people by dishing out some advice. His first piece of advice has to do with small business owners having limited cash. He says the answer is to spend less time wasting time and to hustle more as time is your number one asset. Regarding having more efficient meetings, Gary says that the best way to make meetings more efficient is to cut them in half. And in order for a small business to compete with the big brands, Gary says the key is to put out content that’s related to your field and to become the go-to person or expert people turn to. Social media should be used to your advantage as it holds a lot of value so Gary says use it!

For those of you looking for some inspiration on this Monday, Gary’s video β€œThe Most Important Word Ever” may be just what you need. Gary stresses the point that it’s so very important to make every minute of your time count when you’re trying to ‘make it’. The most important word ever is, ‘hustle’ says Gary which shouldn’t surprise anyone who is even vaguely familiar with him. Gary goes on to say that many people claim they’re working hard and giving it their all but many of those are still just working from 9 to 6 which simply isn’t enough. So let’s all get out there and put in the work and hustle so we can make succeed at running our businesses!

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