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The Benefits Of Allowing Your Employees To Work Remotely

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According to recent statistics, the remote workforce is getting bigger.

66% of companies allow their employees this opportunity, according to the findings here;

So, if you have a regular team of employees, you might want to follow suit if your business model can allow it.

It shouldn’t be too difficult, either. Thanks to communication technologies such as Skype, project collaboration software akin to that provided by Trello, and cloud-based office software such as Microsoft’s offerings here, the resources for employees working remotely are many.

And there are benefits for both your employees and your business too if you do decide to go down this route.

Here are a few of them…

1. You will improve your employees’ morale

For starters, consider the rigors of the daily commute your employees have to face. With the opportunity to work remotely, they wouldn’t have to face the stresses involved with rush hour traffic, and they wouldn’t need to deal with late trains or buses either.

By allowing your employees the opportunity to work from home, you are also improving their work-life balance. Without the commute to worry about, they will get to spend more time outside of their work hours with their families and doing the things they love. They will also have more money to spend, as they won’t have to pay for travel costs.

As a consequence of these factors, your employees should have greater morale when they start work for the day. And the happier your employees are, of course, the more productive they will be, and that can only be good news for your business.

2. You will benefit the environment (and your reputation)

By reducing the number of cars on the road, you will be doing your bit to protect the environment. This is good news on a world level obviously, but it’s good news for your business too. Should you showcase the green benefits of remote working to your customers, you are almost guaranteed to retain their loyalty. You should garner positive word-of-mouth too, so your reputation will improve when your customers start discussing your eco-friendly approach to business.

To further showcase your world-saving credentials, consider the other steps you can take to go green. We listed some examples here, By following suit, you will continue to secure a positive reputation.

3. You will save money

This is true in several ways.

For one, there would be a reduction in overhead costs. These include the costs related to your office utility bills, as well as the expense of rented office space that you might currently be incurring.

When your employees are happier and less prone to stress, they are less likely to have sick days. By working from home, they will also be less inclined to phone in sick just because they can’t be bothered to face the commute that day. Therefore, you won’t lose money because of missed deadlines through ‘ill’ staff, and you won’t have to spend money on hiring temporary staff to cover your existing employees.

And if your employees are using their own stationery and computer equipment, you wouldn’t have to deal with these expenses either.

You understand the importance of saving money in business, of course, so let this be one incentive for you.

And last, but not least…

So, is remote working a possibility for your business? If so, consider the benefits that await both your employees and your business. With happier staff, a better reputation, and an increased profit margin, it is certainly something worth considering.

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