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5 Business-Related Careers You Can Pursue

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Are you at that point in your life where you have to choose your career path? This can be one of the most important decisions of your life, for it will write your career trajectory and pave the way for your future. While itโ€™s the start of something new, it is also the culmination of your academic life so far – the time to put all that learning and knowledge into practice.

Or, perhaps, you are looking for a career change and want to explore something in the field of business? If this is indeed your area of interest and you want to pursue a career in business, but arenโ€™t sure what exactly you want to do in this vast field, then this post will guide you with a few suggestions.

1. Finance-Related Jobs

If numbers excite you, then itโ€™s likely you would enjoy – and be good at – a role in the financial sector of a business. And there are plenty of choices available: you can start as an Accountant/ Tax Associate or a Financial Analyst and rise up to a Financial Manager, Financial Advisor or Financial Auditor.

If you specialize in a subject, you can more often than not even make a career out of it – think a Statistician or a Investment Banker.

2. The Business of Law

Are you a legal eagle with an eye and an ear for all things legal? Yet have a keen interest in and a special fondness for the world of business? Why not combine the two and become a Business Lawyer? Again, there are so many avenues you can pursue here: Employment Law, Intellectual Property Law, Insurance Claims, Personal Injuries (the Golden Law Office are specialists in this field) and Bankruptcy are some examples.

3. Operations Research Analyst

Yes, an Operations Research Analyst can also be connected to business. By using advanced techniques such as mathematical modelling and data mining, Operations Research Analysts help businesses run in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

4. Marketing and Sales Manager

Every business needs to market itself and itโ€™s services/ products effectively, to eventually be able to sell those services/ products and make money. So if youโ€™ve got a creative streak and are in the field of Marketing but still have a flair for all things business, then a role in the Marketing department of a company (or a Marketing Manager if youโ€™re at an advanced stage of your career) would be ideal for you.

Some businesses have different Marketing and Sales heads, while others have both roles combined into one.

5. Consultant

Becoming a consultant is another exciting path you can choose in the area of business. A consultant is a specialist in a particular field or subject, whose job is to give advice and expertise to companies in that specific field. While a consultantโ€™s job might not be permanent (a company might hire a consultant for a fixed period or for the duration of a particular project), the pay is much higher owing to the specialist expertise and nature of the job.

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