The Consequences of Women Not Working in Malaysia

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In Malaysia, great strides have been made in the inclusion of women in the workforce. Apolitical has found that, where the rate of female labor force participation was 46.4% in 2009, by 2018, it was up to 55.2%. While this rise may seem impressive, what this statistic actually means is that out of 100 Malaysian women aged 15-65, only 55 of them are working.

The cause of this great disparity is a common one surrounding women’s work: the burden of childcare and housework. Many women do not feel supported when it comes to childcare and housework – unsupported by the government and their partners. Many women have to take on shift work to fit around their childcare but face barriers with public transport to get to their work. Out of all those unemployed in Malaysia, more than 60% of unemployed women cited housework (including childcare), while only 4% of unemployed men cited these reasons, Apolitical found in a study.

But many families, especially in the lower classes, need two adults working to afford to live. There are plenty of costs, from food to education. The highest cost of all is housing. Housing prices have been criticized in Malaysia for their unaffordable nature for the average Malaysian.

So with women out of work and house prices on the rise, how can Malaysian families be expected to live comfortably?

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