Where Not to Get The Most Expensive (Cheap) Beers

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Have you ever thirsted for an ice-cold beer while you were out and about, only to find them served for an exorbitant rate?

Aside from a beer’s flavour profile, many people enjoy beers because of their reasonable prices. At least, compared to the other members of the liquor family.

However, some establishments mark up the prices of beers, not by just a couple of cents, but double or even triple fold.

We’ll list down establishments that would serve you double the price of beers, so you’ll know what to look for instead.

But before that, you can buy beer online delivered to you for the cheapest beers you can enjoy from the convenience of your own home.

Let’s take a look.

Australian Beer Situation

The Brewers Association of Australia had commissioned an economics professor from the University of Adelaide to compare how beer taxes compete with European countries. Professor Kym Anderson reported that beer consumption in Australia has become more expensive due to high government taxes, which hovers above the 4th most expensive in the world at $2.26 per litre of alcohol.

With Australia’s neck-high beer prices, at least compared to other countries, finding cheaper beer is more important than ever to keep your pocket secure.

Don’t Buy Beers Here…

Sporting Events

Beer in a stadium is extremely overpriced, but it’s the price you have to pay if you want to enjoy the show to the very end.

If you’ve ever gone to a stadium, the atmosphere of a packed one is like nothing else. Just imagine hundreds to thousands of people crowding in a confined space, all there to support their favourite sports team. With rows of spectator seats, and with high-energy plays happening in a span of minutes, there’s little to no time to grab your favourite beer down the block. You might miss out on some pivotal moments or picture-worthy goals even with a short trip to the restroom, after all. So you’ll settle for the next best place to grab an ice-cold plastic cup of refreshing beer – the stadium vendors. And if it wasn’t clear already: the quality of the beers are just terrible.

Stadium food including beer has met a sharp decrease in interest, with price and quality as the main pain point. So, if you’re expecting good quality beer from the stadium vendor, you’re sadly going to be disappointed.


Just like the stadiums, beers can catch a pretty penny at jam-packed concert stadiums.

Let me give you a scenario. During intermissions, you may find that you’re getting thirsty and want to drink a little wake-me-up before the next gig. Beer crosses your mind, and you ask your friends where to find it. But once you realise the price that it goes for, and let me tell you, it’s expensive, you’ll think twice before buying it.

Maybe you would rationalise that it’s a good quality beer since it’s double or triple normal retail rates. But that’s not always the case. Usually, it’s the same old store-bought type you can grab down the block for a much cheaper rate. The convenience might be nice, but if you ask me, buying unreasonably overpriced beer isn’t the way to go.


Zoos can be a fun day trip with the family or some fun-loving friends. On a sunny day, you figure that it’s time to grab a complete mid-day meal to give you the energy boost to explore more. Once you sit down in a restaurant within the premises, your emerging suspicion finally comes to life. Completely overpriced dishes at every corner of the menu, and equally overpriced beer bottles at nearly double the actual market value. Yikes!

To make it clear, we don’t condone breaking house rules and sneaking in your majestic selection of beers. Instead, we find it the case that you’re better off satisfying your liquor cravings by ordering liquor online and having it delivered to you that same night. You’ll get access to a more premium selection at better price points, and the reward of a nice cold premium bottle of beer would be the greatest cap off to your day.

Amusement Parks

Believe it or not, some amusement parks do allow the consumption of alcohol within their premises, but not all do. But despite the all-clear, and similar to the zoo, buying beer in an amusement park is something we’re heavily against.

The main reason is that it’s just as overpriced as buying it in the zoo, if not even more. Instead, buy your liquor online and enjoy a cold brew at the end of the day at the comfort of your own home. Or take the fun with you as you exit the amusement park, and find a suitable spot to enjoy authentic and great beer at affordable prices.

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