5 Famous Business Logos With Hidden Messages

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When it comes to designing a logo for your new start-up business or it’s time for a redesign, there are a ton of considerations that go into the process that are incredibly necessary given its importance. However, many businesses fall into the trap of creating something lazy and uninspired, when they should be looking towards some of the coolest logos for inspiration. Here are some famous business logos with hidden messages that can get the creative juices flowing for your company redesign.


FedEx is always there to help us send out and receive important shipments, and their logo says as much. If you pay close attention to the FedEx logo, you will notice that between the “E” and the “X”, there is an arrow pointing to the right, symbolizing the company that’s always moving forward.


Another company that prides itself on getting products to you in a convenient manner is Amazon, which also has a famous business logo with a hidden message. With the Amazon logo, you can also find an arrow like FedEx, but theirs is pointing from “A” to “Z,” signifying that you can find anything on their website.


Baskin-Robbins has been providing delectable ice cream since the ‘40s and is famously known for its 31 flavors. In the last few years, Baskin-Robbins went through a logo redesign, which made the 31 flavors part of their logo a bit more obscured. Where the “B” and “R” meet in the middle of their modern logo, you will notice that it makes a 31 in pink lettering.


Cisco is a major force in technology, with its headquarters planted in San Francisco. Cisco’s logo features lines that vary in size, which makes sense since the company deals with telecommunications. However, if you look a bit closer, you will quickly realize that the lines make up the famous Golden Gate Bridge in the company’s hometown of San Francisco.


The last company we will be taking a look at is Goodwill. There’s no better place to find affordable products than Goodwill and you often walk out of the store with a happy face, which is what you might think the logo represents. Nonetheless, there’s more to the Goodwill logo than meets the eye, since the face is also a lowercase “g.”

Often, we will look at these logos without thinking about their meaning, but they continue to be effective because they say so much about the company, and their ingenious ideas are something worth borrowing.

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