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5 Hygiene Rules Every Business Owner Must Follow in the New Normal

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As the pandemic recedes after vaccine rollouts, businesses expect to make a comeback. But the new normal is nothing like usual. The fear of the virus prevails as new variants and repeated waves always seem to be around the corner. Organizations need to reshuffle priorities as they reopen. Employee safety should be on top of the reopening checklists, and it becomes the mainstay of successful comebacks. Workplace hygiene is the key to employee safety, so businesses need to go the extra mile with it. Here are the hygiene rules that every business owner must implement in the new normal.

Implement a Hygiene Policy

With people returning to work after long, you will probably have to reshuffle workplace policies. Think beyond ones that outline hybrid work, social distancing, and remote meetings in the office. You must have a new hygiene policy that informs employees of your expectations and intentions of a clean workplace. Communicate it in writing with your staff to ensure they take it seriously.

Provide the Basics

It is easy to preach the significance of cleanliness to your staff, but everything boils down to action. You can do your bit by providing them with the basic essentials required for maintaining a clean and healthy workplace. Set up hand sanitizing stations around the facility. Provide wet wipes and tissues on the workstations. Employees are more likely to stick with hygienic practices when these items are readily available.

Educate Your Team

An extended struggle with the pandemic has brought several lessons for the world. Everyone knows the value of hand hygiene, but you can remind them about it with a quick training session. Offer educational resources and encourage them with signage. For example, they can click here to understand the difference between hand washing and sanitizing. Keeping hygiene on top of their mind is important as it will make them follow the rules.

Ensure Regular Cleaning

A clean workplace makes a great first impression on your clients and employees. It matters even more in the new normal when the last thing you want to deal with is germs and viruses. As a business owner, you must ensure regular cleaning. Even better, collaborate with a professional medical-grade cleaning service to stay ahead of the hygiene requirements. You can rest assured about having a safe workplace with healthy employees. The extra effort is worthwhile as it boosts morale and ensures compliance.

Give Extra Attention to High-Touch Areas

While a professional cleaning service gives you a head start, you cannot forget daily cleaning requirements. Give extra attention to high-touch areas in the workplace, such as elevator buttons, door handles, toilet seats, and dining area counters. Encourage people to wipe surfaces and avoid touching them
too often. A little caution takes you a long way in safeguarding your people and facility.

Workplace hygiene has a far-reaching impact on business comeback strategies in the new normal. Make it a priority to ensure safety from the virus in the long run. Not to mention, healthy employees are more productive and loyal.

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