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5 Important Signs You Are Not Ready to Reopen

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We have had the worst year and if you own a business, you may have felt the pinch more than others. Being a business owner is pipped with challenges, but you cannot have seen a pandemic coming – no one could. For months, you may have been closed and losing money while struggling to keep your head above water, but now is the time to ask yourself whether it’s time to go back to work and reopen again.

The thing is, while it’s understandable that you would want to get back out there again, you need to consider the fact that it may not be safe. Reopening too early and without the right commercial cleaning services to help you to stay safe is not a good idea. Endangering customers or accidentally opening too early and putting your staff at risk of a second shutdown could kill your business completely. You need to think about how you can reopen safely, and if your business has noticed any of these five signs, it’s not time to reopen yet!

  1. COVID-19 Is Still Here. Wherever you are in the world, COVID-19 is not yet eradicated 100%.Β  A lot of businesses are reopening but the reality is that it’s not over yet, and the last thing that you want to do is spend on a reopening only to close everything down again. Look at the numbers where you are living and make your choice based on that rather than on opening just because the business down the road has.
  2. You Don’t Know the New Rules. Every state has set rules for reopening a business, and there are specific conditions that make reopening a good idea. If you don’t check these out, you could be putting people in danger without realizing it. Don’t open up and incur fines; educate yourself first.
  3. Staff Members Do Not Feel Safe. As much as you are desperate to be open again, you don’t want to be that employer who opens against the wishes and feelings of their staff. These people should not have to put their life on the line for your livelihood.
  4. You Tried It Already. So, you already flung the doors open and no one came. Why do you think that is? You did it too early! Businesses need to pay attention to the rules, but you also need to remember that your customers need to feel safe enough to come and spend time in your business. Their shopping habits have changed, and you need to show that you are safe for them to come and visit. Show them that you are providing sanitation stations and are using excellent cleaners. This will build trust.
  5. You Need to Upgrade Your Technology. If you don’t have contactless payments or hands-free sanitizers, it’s time to upgrade your technology. Where possible, you want people to not have to touch anything. New hygiene protocols and new software will ensure that your customers and clients feel safe when they walk through your doors.
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