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How to Make a Good First Impression with Your Business Premises

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Whether you have an office that clients visit, a physical store, or any other business that customers will visit the premises of, those premises need to make a good first impression. If a customer or client arrives and your premises look shabby, dirty, and untidy, it suggests that the owners donโ€™t really care, whereas a clean, smart premise suggests trust and quality.

  1. Brand It. When someone arrives at your business, they should be able to tell they have arrived at the right place, and anyone passing should know what your business does, as you never know who is a potential customer. Display your branding prominently and keep any signage in good condition. If it fades or gets damaged, it needs repainting or repairing, so it stays looking good.
  2. Keep It Clean. The frontage of your premises should be kept clean. Pressure wash the pavement outside if it looks dirty, and make sure you keep any windows free of dirt, smudges, and fingerprints. Someone should sweep out the front of your business every day to clear away any litter, cigarette ends, dead leaves, or other debris that has gathered outside. Add a bin so people can dispose of litter.
  3. Light It Up. Lights can be used for practical purposes, like lighting doorways and the way to the car park (keep asphalt paving in good repair too), and for display too. Use lights to highlight your signage so your branding can be easily seen at night, and to light windows to showcase your displays as people pass by, even after youโ€™ve closed for the day.
  4. Make It Welcoming. People should feel welcomed as soon as they arrive. Add some pots of flowers or greenery to the front, near the main door. This adds color and some visual interest. Make sure the main entrance is clearly marked. Thereโ€™s nothing worse than arriving for a meeting at a business and not being sure where youโ€™re supposed to report to as a visitor. Make it obvious, with clear directional signage, especially if you need people to check-in. If your business is a store, make sure itโ€™s very clear whether or not you are open. Put a clear open sign on the door, turn on more lights, and display your opening hours prominently, so people arenโ€™t hovering outside trying to decide if youโ€™ve closed early for the day.
  5. Make Your Reception Area Beautiful. If you have a reception area, it needs to impress. Make sure itโ€™s kept spotless and is well-lit and welcoming. Display your branding prominently. Place comfortable chairs for people to wait in, so theyโ€™re not standing around awkwardly for someone to come and collect them. These chairs could match your brand colors for another hit of branding. Make sure you have a well-trained reception seem so there is always someone ready to greet visitors immediately. Put in water and coffee machines, so receptionists can offer visitors a range of drinks when they arrive and make them feel welcomed immediately.
  6. Improve Your Parking Lot. Lastly, if customers have to travel to your business by car to buy your products or services, make sure that your parking lot is up to scratch. Ensure that it provides convenient access to your premises and it is easy for people to carry items to their cars. Use quality paving services to ensure that the ground is smooth and beautiful to behold. And ensure that you provide bays for any shopping carts your customers might need to deposit after a trip to your store.
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