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5 Proven Methods for Selling More in Your Online Store

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Opening an e-commerce store and making sales is exciting, but the hard work doesn’t end there. To boost sales and maximize profits, you’ll need to find more customers and keep them coming back. Here, we’ll list a few ways to increase sales in an online store.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Everyone wants the latest and greatest thing. Electronic devices are a great example, as people buy them but want to upgrade within a year or two. That’s where upselling comes in. And, once you’ve bought that shiny new device, you’ll need a case, a car charger, and other things to go with it. When businesses know their customers will need accessories, cross-sales occur. Together, cross-selling and upselling account for about one-third of Amazon’s revenue. Shouldn’t that be the case for your store as well? Syteline Configurator can help companies increase sales naturally.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

It’s been estimated that for every 100 people who visit an e-commerce site about 70% will leave a full cart. Shopping cart abandonment leaves a lot of money on the table, and many customers walk away because of shipping costs and other fees. If a customer can find a comparable product at a lower price somewhere else, they’ll likely go for it. E-commerce store owners can reduce cart abandonment rates in several ways, with follow-up emails being one of the easiest.

Invest in Social Media Marketing

Sites like Reddit, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest drive most companies’ online sales. Depending on your chosen niche, other sites may be equally profitable. While many SMB owners are reluctant to spend their money on social media ads because of a perceived low ROI, that can be a costly mistake. Social media is boosting sales everywhere, and companies without an online presence miss a big opportunity. Social proof is a big deal, and the best marketing tool is a happy customer.

Recruit Affiliates

Affiliate marketers help their partners move more products, as they’re financially motivated to do so. While you’ll have to share the profits, increasing sales make it all worthwhile. Affiliates offer no-cost marketing for businesses and products, and you’ll only pay when sales are made.

Be More Creative

To entice buyers, you’ll need to deviate from the norm. Step away from the scripted sales copy and create human-focused, optimized, and relevant descriptions for your company’s products and services. Use visual media, including photographs and videos, to show customers what to expect and how to get it.

Extra Tip #1: Market Your Products on Instagram

Many companies are turning to social media site to promote their offerings. Instagram’s order value averages $65, which beats that of almost every other platform. With that in mind, it’s easy to see why so many e-commerce companies are turning to the platform to boost sales.

Extra Tip #2: Introduce a Wish List Function

Keep customers coming back by allowing them to build wish lists. Once they’ve picked out a few things they can’t live without, you can capitalize on it by sending personalized emails when those items are marked down.

Put These Tips Into Action and Watch Sales Soar

No matter your sales goals, there are plenty of ways for e-commerce business owners to increase revenue and build a stronger customer base. By following these easy tips, you’ll generate sales and increase brand recognition across platforms.

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