5 Things Everyone Suspected of a Crime Should Know

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Many people believe that if they have not done anything wrong, they will not be imprisoned or falsely accused of a crime. This is a mistake, which you should not make under any circumstances.

Being stopped by the police is not something, which automatically makes you guilty. In this article, we are going to discuss some rights, which you should be aware of when you are being suspected of a crime of any nature.

We speak to some leading legal and judicial experts and shed some light on the rights of individuals in such cases. It is understood that criminal lawyers are the foremost exponents of crimes of this nature.

Can People Be Suspect of a Crime- Even If They Have No Connection?

Pinning serious crimes on unsuspecting and vulnerable people is something, which happens more often than you think. Many hardened criminals plan their crimes in a way where they can pin the blame on someone else, and escape suspicion.

The US Supreme Court Judge, Justice Douglas had once famously remarked that the powers, which are possessed by the government are too huge for anyone to ignore. If the government wants, it can use its entire state machinery to present you as guilty even if you are not one.

We need to understand that innocent and non-guilty people too can land up in jail. We have seen so many stories and incidents of people spending years in jail for a conviction, which was wrongly awarded to them. It took away years from their life and destroyed their personal and professional lives.

5 Things Anyone Suspected of a Crime Should Know

1. You always have the Right to a Lawyer

In most instances, people need to acknowledge the fact that they always have the right to be represented by an attorney of their choice. As mentioned in, even if the police ask you something in an aggressive fashion, you need to firmly yet politely convey that you would like to speak to your lawyer first. This is a right, which the police cannot refuse to, even if they tell you otherwise.

2. The Police Are Not Honest All the Time

If the police are under pressure to prove something or to answer back to their authorities, they can go to any lengths. Do not trust what the police say at all. In most instances, the police can lie to you to further their own investigations. They might use strategies to get you to offer a confession, which might be detrimental to your interests. Hence, do not believe the police.

3. Avoid Lying to the Police

It is advisable that you get access to your lawyer and not speak to the police. However, maryland criminal lawyers can help in this regard. They state that it is important that you do not lie to any legal authority at all costs. Even if the police are threatening you and your interests are at stake, please do not lie to them. This might be used against you in a court of law.

4. Do Not Allow a Search of Your home Without a Warrant

Just like how the police can lie to you to further their investigations or please their bosses, they can also come up to your door and demand a search. You are legally empowered to deny them a search if they do not have a warrant signed by the magistrate. Many times, the police force their way into homes and plant evidence to pin the blame on vulnerable people.

5. Get Help from Legal Experts

If you think you are a suspect in a crime or are being unfairly targeted by the authorities, it is best to engage with a legal expert. Credible criminal lawyers can help you with details of your case, and clear your name. They can also keep the police in check and defend you to the best of their legal abilities. You should always go for the best legal counsel at your disposal.

The Final Word

You should remember that any innocent person can also be accused and convicted of a serious crime. This is why it is essential that you are always aware of what you should know and so if you are a suspect in a legal case.

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