5 Tips to Set Apart Your Law School Personal Statement

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Getting into law school is no mean feat, as you have to ace your undergrad GPA and LSAT scores. Extracurricular activities add brownie points to your application. But your personal statement is perhaps the most critical element as it explains what makes you a perfect fit for the school. It says everything about you, so consider it a chance to impress the admissions committee enough to get in. It is crucial to set yourself apart with a high-quality statement when you have to beat a massive competition to get into the school. Here are some tips for writing an essay that really shines.

Focus on Yourself

The gist of a personal statement is you, but applicants often miss the point. Steer clear of highlighting people or work that inspire you, and focus only on yourself. The admission committee expects you to showcase the skills that make you right for a legal career in the first place. So you must include your strengths, accomplishments, values, and beliefs in the statement. Talk about your motivation, work ethic, and commitment because you will need them the most.

Be Authentic

Another piece of advice you should never forget is to be authentic as you define yourself. You will feel the temptation to go overboard to impress the committee, but they are smart enough to recognize facts. Pick everyday anecdotes from life to highlight your passion, skills, and dedication. You may even mention a weakness or mistake, but ensure you talk about how you ultimately overcame it.

Write and Refine

Once you outline the content of your statement, get down to work. The sooner you begin, the more time you will get to refine it. A crummy first draft is good enough, and you can improve it with edits. Get a law school personal statement editing service to suggest changes that make it sound better. You will be happy with the final document by the time you are done with the rounds of edits yourself and by a professional.

Try to Be Specific

A personal statement shouldn’t sound like your life story. Make it more specific by focusing on a theme, thesis, or moment in time. Since you have space constraints, being efficient and concise can be a challenge. But the best tip is to ditch being repetitive because it will only eat your space without making an impact on readers. Finally, be selective about the points you focus on because you can only highlight a couple of them.

Know the School

While your personal statement is mainly about you, writing it requires a good understanding of your audience. After all, you want to show what makes you an apt fit for the school you want to get into. Research and pick the relevant fits by assessing the school’s values, mission, and characteristics. Unless you know the school well enough, you cannot explain what makes it tick. You can gather a lot from its mission statement, blogs and news, and social media feed. If you’re thinking about what to expect, checking thisΒ website can give you a good head start.

Writing a great law school personal statement can take some effort and good thinking. But you must invest effort and time because it can take your education and career in the right direction.

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