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5 Ways to Save Money on Your Fleet

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Managing a fleet, whether large or small, can cost a lot of money. The vehicles themselves, insurance, maintenance, and storage can all add up, and without careful fleet management, your fleet could start eating into the profits of your business.

The key to making sure that your fleet is working for you and not against you is to ensure that it is cost-effective and efficient. So, here are five ways that you can save money with your fleet.

Shop Around for Insurance

There’s no one-size-fits-all for fleet insurance, and so it is essential that you shop around to make sure that you get a fleet insurance quote that’s right for you. The size of your vehicles and the distance that they travel can all affect your quote, so be sure to update your policy whenever a change is made to your fleet. As with car insurance, it’s always worth checking to make sure you still have the best deal with your provider before you renew.

Encourage Good Behavior from Your Drivers

Aggressive driving can add a massive 20% onto your fleet costs, so it pays to teach your drivers how to drive more efficiently. Besides, as per the experts at, reckless driving can put other road users at risk. And you wouldn’t want to be paying for compensation in case an accident occurs.  Harsh accelerating and braking not only put other road users at risk but also eat into your fuel and put excessive wear and tear on the vehicle. Ensure that everyone understands how speed and driving style can affect fuel consumption and encourage your drivers to turn off their engines when they are not using them to save fuel use when idle.

Stayon Top of Fleet Maintenance

A well-kept vehicle will not only last longer but will also perform more efficiently. Simple things like clogged air filters can lead to poor engine performance, which in turn can cause reduced fuel efficiency. Encourage drivers to conduct regular checks on their own vehicles and ensure that you have your fleet regularly serviced to pick up on any issues before they become a more severe problem.

Use GPS to Avoid Traffic

GPS systems can now alert your drivers to traffic jams and heavy traffic areas, enabling them to plan an alternative route. This foresight helps the efficiency of your fleet by getting drivers from A to B more quickly, but it also helps to reduce your fuel consumption, as your drivers will spend less time idling.

Rent Additional Resources When You Need Them

Last but not least, renting additional vehicles to support your fleet during a busy period is often more cost-efficient than buying new vehicles that you may not need when the period ends. By renting rather than buying, you only need to pay for the vehicles when you need them, saving money during periods of downtime. Many rental agreements also come with free servicing, and should you experience any problems with a rented vehicle; then it will be replaced so that you can stay on the road.

So there you have it – five simple ways that you can save money on your fleet – do you have any other tips to add?

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