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6 Business Lessons from a Car Salesperson

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Car salespersons are some of the most talented professionals when it comes to pitching and closing a sale. Think about it: Without knowing who will walk into the lot next to buy a car, they have to read their customer’s body language and intent immediately (are they just looking, or looking to buy?).

Correctly reading a customer is a skill that can take years to hone — and even then you’re still likely to misread your audience. Since the art of selling a car is so difficult to perfect, the skills and traits successful car salespersons acquire over time are invaluable. So much so that professionals in every industry would do well to take notes so they can improve their own sales tactics.

Fortunately, some of these skills aren’t as difficult to implement. For example, learning how your customers interact and communicate is something isn’t too hard to do if you truly know your target market. By listening to your customers, you also gain valuable insights into their wants and needs, another key to closing a deal.

To help you identify how you can implement these savvy business lessons into your own pitches, The Zebra has compiled six quick lessons into the infographic below.


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