6 Reasons Everything Must Go Digital

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Technology has made the majority of things easier and more accessible and since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, going digital has never been so important. Any businesses that rely on files of paper and documents which aren’t digitized will have struggled when employees have to work from home in the last year. While it seems like a given that everything is just online and digitized now, it can easily be forgotten that this is not the case.

However, even before the Coronavirus pandemic, businesses are under increased pressure to digitize information – whether it is to save paper to help the environment or make their data more accessible.

Luckily, technology has also meant that modern scanning is very advanced and provides much more than just a scan of physical data. Intelligent software for document scanning such as  can copy text or handwritten data and make it searchable and editable. Scanning can now be used for invoicing, image processing, collaboration, and even tagging and it’s also very reliable.

It’s not just because of the pandemic that businesses have to think more carefully about their physical data either.

Here are 6 more reasons why everything must go digital.

1. It Makes It Quicker to Find Files and Manage Data

When people ask for their data to be edited or deleted or even just to read what you have on them, having it digital means that it is accessible and searchable which makes it faster to find records and easier to manage data. This can mean improved customer service too as people love it if they don’t have to wait too long.

2. It Saves Cash on Physical Storage

Paying for physical data to be stored can be unnecessarily expensive, especially if in the future nobody will know what’s in the box or how to find it.

3. It Saves Space and Money

Having everything digitized means that you will have more office space and thousands of files can be stored on a single server rather than taking up space in a large filing cabinet.

4. It Improves Data Security

Protecting hard copy information is difficult as it is, however, scanned documents can be encrypted, password-protected, and securely stored in the cloud. You can assign access levels to specific users and track all file activity.

5. It Reduces Paper Clutter – and Helps the Environment

According to the Paperless Project, the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year. That’s a lot of trees! So help the environment by getting everything digitized where you can.

6. Improves Disaster Recovery

While there are security risks so digital information, having paper documents means that they are vulnerable to fires, floods, and natural disasters. Having everything digitized means that you can back up information and protect it electronically.

There’s no excuse not to digitize everything. Do your bit, save the planet, save time, and treat your customers to quick service.

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