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9 Ways to Promote Your Business

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All small businesses need to get their name out there, but there are so many ways of doing this, which ways are the most effective?

Here are nine different ways of marketing your small business.

Get Featured in Your Local Newspapers

Have you done anything worthy of being in the newspaper in your business recently? If youโ€™ve got something worth saying, write a press release and send it to the local paper. You may be able to get a feature written about your business. Youโ€™ll get more attention from this that you might do if you paid for a newspaper advert.

Custom Water Bottles

One of the ways that you could put your brand name in the hands of your potential customers is to create custom water bottles with your branding on the label. Print some avery labels with your branding and put this onto a water bottle and hand out the bottled water at events.

Hand Out Business Cards

Whoever you meet could become a potential client or customer. Carry business cards with you wherever you go and hand them out to anyone that you speak to. You never know, they may become a customer in the not too distant future.

Sponsor An Event

Although sponsoring an event is quite an expensive option, there will be plenty of opportunities at an event to advertise your business however you like and wherever you like. Youโ€™ll be able to put your business and brand in front of a wider audience.

Get Testimonials from Your Customers

To attract new customers, you could enlist the help of your previous customers. Ask some of your old customers if they would be able to write you a testimonial or a review. Having someone provide evidence that you have great products and services will help persuade new customers that you worth taking a shot on.

Get on Social Media

Having a social media presence should be essential in any marketing strategy. Instead of just using your profile to just try to sell your products and services, really engage with your audience- share videos, photos, and articles that will help helpful or inspiring to your followers. Make sure that you comment back whenever you receive comments on your page and start to build up a relationship with your followers.

Guest Blog

Get in touch with some influential blog owners. You may be able to get a spot guest writing on their blog. This will give you the chance to talk about your brand to a new audience. It will also give you the opportunity to place backlinks to your website. This will benefit your search engine optimization. ย Publishing a guest post on an influential website takes a strategic approach, and it starts with a personalized guest post pitch. Take time to find the right person to contact, and pitch topics that are relevant and helpful to their audience. Always personalize and avoid generic pitches.

Send Thank You Cards

When you work with the same clients for a prolonged period of time, send them a โ€˜thank youโ€™ card or branded gift. This will be a nice symbol of how much you appreciate your customers.

Reward Repeat Custom

In everything that you do, you should always be looking to bring back customers to use your products and services. Reward repeat custom by providing exclusive products and services along with a range of offers.

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