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Amateur Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

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Chances are you create a blog to help increase your sales. The fact is that there are mistakes that many bloggers make that can actually be causing a reduction of sales. Consider this scenario:

A potential customer performs a search for services or products similar to what you offer. They select a site that seems to offer what they are looking for, but all that shows up is a listing of different articles.

Can you guess what happens next? The following questions will ensue, โ€œAm I where I should be?โ€ and โ€œWhy are there articles instead of products to purchase?โ€ With these questions they will likely reach the conclusion they have arrived in the wrong place an go back and visit a competitors site that has a landing page of services and products they are looking to purchase. What does this mean? You just lost a sale and a potential new customer.

Unfortunately, this happens thousands of times each and every day. The good news is this no longer has to happen to you. With general knowledge on the most common mistakes that people make, and how to avoid them, you can easily avoid mistakes that can actually cost you sales.

These mistakes include:

Having Your Blog as Your Landing Page

When someone clicks the link to visit your page, they need to be met with a home page, not your blog. The main purpose of a home page is to let the visitor know what the site is all about and what you have to offer. When they land here they will be able to determine if you are offering what they are looking for, and your home page will direct them to what they should do next.

If your landing page is a blog, they will just become confused. Remember first and foremost you are a business, which is why you need to provide general information about your site that will tell visitors what you are all about.

Becoming Distracted from Actually Building their Business

There are too many business owners that are focusing too much time, energy and effort into their blog, and then completely neglecting their entire business. If you have a business, you must work to build your business and then have your blog as a โ€œsupportingโ€ player. Your business will have much more success if you pour your time, energy and efforts into new marketing or products, instead of just focusing on your blog.

Having a Cluttered Blog

When a visitor finally does make it to your blog, the last thing you should meet them with is a blog that is cluttered by widgets, gadgets or just too much information. If your site is too busy, it will end up overwhelming your visitors, preventing them from being able to find what they are looking for.

You do not need to offer too many choices, as this will likely make them leave. You need to keep the blog you create simple and clean. This will ensure that your visitors are encouraged to click through and not immediately leave.

Not Actively Promoting Your Services and Products

While blogging is a prime way to showcase the expertise and experience you have in a niche, there is no point if you are not going to promote exactly what you have to offer. Be sure to add links to the items you are offering and mention any promotions or specials that you have running. You do not have to jam it down your visitorโ€™s throats, but you should also not be hesitant to advertise YOUR product or service on YOUR blog.

Blogs are a powerful tool when it comes to getting and retaining visitors. But the fact is when you create a blog, you need to avoid the all-to-common mistakes here to ensure that you do not come off as an amateur in your niche.

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