The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence for Businesses

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The rapid arrival of new technologies, including artificial intelligence, has vastly changed the business landscape through reshaping the workplace and offering improved efficiency. The introduction of such technology forms an important question: will artificial intelligence eventually remove the need for many human jobs? While it is true that a number of jobs are being replaced, such as ticket machines and check-out cashiers, it is important to remember that AI serves to take over the mundane tasks, allowing more complex jobs to still be offered to humans.  Instead of fearing the shortage or total elimination of jobs, employers are encouraged to focus on redesigning jobs and reengineering business processes through the benefits of artificial intelligence. Read on to discover various examples of AI and the advantages that they can offer that enrich the business environment.


The world of online shopping has grown in popularity over the last few decades, and retail businesses are utilizing artificial intelligence as a powerful tool in generating e-commerce sales. AI driven analytics are able to predict what consumers may be looking for based on their interaction from other products and their shopping history, as well as retarget potential customers via email marketing. These accurate predictions help to drive customer engagement, whether on phone apps or websites. Likewise, chatbots are being utilized to provide real-time online customer support mirrored to that of real stores for thousands of visitors, from helping to locate products to proceeding to purchases.

Increased Productivity in Manufacturing

AI machines such as those used in industrial automation greatly increase the productivity levels in producing products in batches. A notable example of this are CNC machines, or computer numerically controlled machines, which are cost-effective and highly efficient electro-mechanical devices that can manipulate tools with high precision to form a physical part from instructions from a computer program. For all your CNC machine repairs, a CNC Mechanic is ideal. CNC machines additionally allow for a reduced risk of errors and continue to function independently to increase the rate of product output.

Enhances Recruitment Processes

Artificial Intelligence allows businesses to make faster decisions, including in the Human Resources department. AI software is an effective tool for HR which can help understand candidates and find those that are best suited. The software proficiently scans, reads and analyses applications, enabling recruitment professionals to spend less time sorting through resumes, as well as save money in a business.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is an immersive view of the real world which uses computer-generated input to create sound, video, GPS overlays, graphics, and more. AR in the business world has revolutionized the way in which consumers can view and make decisions to purchase products. Examples include furniture or cosmetic companies, which allow consumers to use their cameras on their mobile phones to visualize how products will look in their home or on themselves. It’s a simple yet remarkable concept that can improve sales and marketing in demonstrating products, and is an incredibly beneficial tool in assisting consumers in experiencing products in the real world before purchasing.

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