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Best Free Advertising Techniques for Your Small Business

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Whether your business is as big as Amazon or still in its early stage, you need to spread the word about what you do, and that translates to advertising. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend several thousand dollars on advertising as those big companies would. Instead, why don’t you consider free advertising?

Yes! There are a lot of free advertising techniques out there, and they work pretty well! So if you run a small business and don’t wish to break the bank advertising your business, here are some amazing free advertising techniques to consider.

1.  Leverage Google My Business

Ever heard of Google my business? Google My Business remains one of the most powerful advertising tools out there, and yes, it is absolutely free. With Google my business, you can manage your presence on two of Google’s most prized assets: Google Search and Google Maps. Furthermore, this tool can boost your rankings in local search results, making you more visible to prospects in your locality.

Being visible and ranking high in local search is sheer proof of your legitimacy and reliability. You wouldn’t rank #1 in Google for “barbecue restaurant near me” if your restaurant was shut down about a year ago. Also, ranking high in local search engines makes it easy for visitors to choose you over your competitors.

2.  Put Up Brochures or Flyers

If you don’t have money to spend on expensive TV advertising campaigns or digital marketing campaigns, you can consider printing brochures or flyers. Afterward, put them in areas where your potential customers would hang out. These areas could include libraries, coffee shops, and even businesses. This technique is an amazing way to promote your business in offline locations where individuals spend time.

You can leverage platforms like PowerPoint or Canva to create free brochures and flyers. If you have some money to spare, you can consider backlit displays—a cost-effective and efficient way to advertise your business. Alternatively, you can also consider running geo-targeted Facebook adverts.

3.  Check Out Yext

Ok, so you have your business listed on Google my business. Now, what next? Do you call it a day or leverage other platforms? Aside from Google, another platform to leverage is Yext. Remember, the more places your business is listed online, the better your chances of popping up in search results, and the easier it is for prospects to locate you.

To guarantee great local SEO, ensure that the details of your listing on every website, be it Google, Bing, etc., are the same.

4.  Join the Conversation

Rummage the internet for mature forums and talks related to your business or industry. Afterward, what next? The next step to take would be to contribute to these forums. Don’t make the mistake of spamming a forum by sharing multiple links and other obvious adverts. Instead of making such a marketing blunder, try to add value by answering important questions, sharing your expertise, or helping an unsatisfied customer. Remember, forum threads are evergreen, so ensure you don’t flop your chance to leverage this great opportunity. 


Remember, your ability to profit as a business owner is linked with how effective you are in marketing your products or services. As a startup that doesn’t have $10,000 a month to invest in its marketing campaign, the tips above will help you advertise your business for free.

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