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Brain Training 101: Staying on Task

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stay_focused  As a new startup founder, you’re always being pulled in different directions as you have tons of things to do from taking calls from customers, answering emails and dealing with employees. As you are constantly going from one task to another, it’s super easy to get off track and lose focus. In this fast-paced digital age we live in, it’s no wonder that many first time entrepreneurs find it very difficult to stay focused.

Learning how to multitask is a skill any new startup founder should learn to master. But in order to get all the things done in a day you wish to accomplish, you don’t have to be distraction-free 100 percent of the time. Instead, just 30 minutes per day of deep focus can be enough to get your through the most hectic of days. Here are three easy tips to help you up your game so that you’re more focused and productive.

Tackle Your Most Demanding Tasks Early in the Day

If you’re like most people, you spend your mornings doing rather mindless work as you feel you need to “wake up” fully before tackling more difficult tasks. This is actually counter-productive as most people are full of energy early in the day wherein they can focus very well. This is why it makes good sense to take on your most demanding tasks first thing in the morning. Not only will you be able to focus well on the task at hand, but accomplishing those tougher jobs early on will energize you and make you feel invincible wherein the rest of the things you need to do look much easier to accomplish.

Make the Most of Those Hours You are the Most Creative

Numerous studies have found that people are the most focused for about six hours per day. This is why you should figure out when you are the most focused and then take advantage of that time to attend to those tasks which are a little tougher to finish. For instance, if you feel especially energized and creative right after lunch, spend an hour each day after lunchtime working on those tasks which require the most concentration and creativity.

Train Your Brain to Concentrate

Even though you’d like to be known as a multitasking wizard who can breeze through a task like a champ, the truth is you’ll most likely lose focus as you become distracted. This is why you should work on training your brain to concentrate. How do you do this? By simply starting small. Begin by spending 5 to 10 minutes concentrating on staying on task and then work your way up to larger chunks of time. When you find your mind wandering away, force yourself to get back to it so you can finish what you began. It’s a bit akin to starting a new workout routine as it will be difficult at first but with time you’ll become stronger, making it easier and easier to stay focused.

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