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Business Strategy Examples

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In order to ensure the continued profitability of your company, you need to think ahead and develop strong business strategies. By following these business strategy examples, you should be able to integrate the useful techniques outlined here into the path your company is currently taking giving you a healthier bottom line.

1 – Expand into global markets.
Sometimes, there is only so far that you can take a product by only offering it domestically. At some point, you need to consider offering the product internationally. This opens up your product or service to availability in many additional markets and to many more customers.

2 – Expand your brand through franchising.
Many companies have found that, rather than funding their expansion efforts and absorbing all of the risk, franchising is the way to go. Franchising quickly expands their brand across the country and even overseas. Additionally, operation expenses are absorbed by the franchisee. For each franchise, you get a small percentage of the profits.

3 – Attack competitors and absorb their market share.
Sometimes, the only way would to deal with a competitor taking revenue out of your till is to absolutely destroy them. This involves aggressively attacking their business (within the bounds of ethics, obviously) until they fold and go out of business, at which point you absorb all of their former clients or customers.

By incorporating some of these business strategy examples, you can translate the success other businesses have obtained and ensure your company’s success.

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