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How to Make Delivery Better for Your Customers

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In either case, you’ll need to make sure that one important aspect is completely right; your delivery. If you can get this right, customers will be happy and buy from you again, and they’ll let others know about your business too. With that in mind, here are some key things to think about when you want to make your delivery better for your customers. 


Clear and timely communication is crucial when it comes to your delivery services. Make sure that you establish transparent lines of communication as early in the process as possible so people have a clear idea of what is happening to their goods and when they are going to receive them. 

To begin with, always send an order confirmation by email or text to acknowledge the purchase and provide any details about delivery times. You should also send shipment tracking information when you get it as your customer will appreciate being able to check things for themselves without constantly having to call you. Plus, don’t forget to send out delivery updates, especially if things are taking longer than expected. 

Think About Packaging

Packaging isn’t just about protecting the product, but also about making the customer happy. Many people enjoy the ‘unboxing experience’, and by investing in good packaging and making an effort, this is something you can help them enjoy. 

You need to make sure that your packaging is safe and robust so that nothing gets damaged in transit. You can also add plenty of branding and personalization to the packaging, which could include a handwritten note, branded stickers, or inserts, for example. 

Eco-friendly packaging is also crucial if you want to impress your customers. Use sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices whenever possible to showcase your commitment to the environment. 

Streamline the Delivery Process 

When it comes to delivery, being as efficient and as reliable as possible is a vital element. To this end, you could find the best way to send a package to someone quickly using FreightFinder to get the best route and speed up delivery. 

You can also offer expedited options that the customer can choose at the checkout. They can pay extra for next day or even same day shipping if that’s possible, or they can have free shipping but have to wait for longer. You’ll know by which option they pick what is important to them, and you’ll be in a better position to organize your resources accordingly. 

Embrace Flexibility 

If you offer your customers flexible delivery options, you can empower them to make their own decisions and make their entire experience with you better. You might offer specific delivery time slots (the more precise these are, the more they will cost), or you could offer to deliver things to a different address or a locker. 

It’s also a good idea to have a simple and transparent returns policy so people can shop with you in confidence to begin with.

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