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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Office Furniture?

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Like everything else in your business, your office furniture needs to be updated occasionally. But just when should you consider getting new furniture for your office? Below are a few signs that it could be time to invest in some new office furniture.

It’s Damaged

If furniture is so broken that you cannot use it, this is an obvious time to look into replacements. However, you should also consider aesthetic damage. A desk that is wobbly and scratched may still be usable, but it may still create a poor impression for visitors or new employees. Once equipment gets visibly worn, it’s a good idea to either repair it or replace it. In most cases, replacing is the easiest option. You may still be able to sell or donate damaged furniture that is usable on sites like Craigslist. Alternatively, consider recycling it so that it can be turned into something new. 

It’s Dated

While some old furniture can have a vintage appeal, others can simply look dated. This furniture may still work well and may even be in good condition, but it could still have a negative impression on your reputation. A potential client visiting your office may see your dated furniture as a sign that your company is dated – and therefore unable to provide the cutting-edge service they desire. For this reason, you should update any furniture item that looks old-fashioned. 

It’s Not Ergonomic

Ergonomics is all about ensuring that products and spaces are designed to comfortably fit the human body. If desks don’t allow enough leg room underneath  or chairs do not come with an adjustable height function, it could be time to get new furniture. Making sure that furniture has good ergonomics can prevent employees from developing repetitive strain injuries and it may even make them more productive.

It Doesn’t Fit Your Brand

Certain styles of office furniture may be better suited to certain types of company. For example, if you’re decorating the office of a candy manufacturer or a social media company, you may want to choose furniture that’s youthful and fun. This could include brightly colored chairs and modern shaped tables. Alternatively, if you’re decorating the office of a law firm or a real estate company that works with serious high-end clients, you may want something more traditional and sophisticated such as one of these hardwood desks from Created Hardwood. Remember to consider your brand colors when buying furniture – if red is a major color running through your branding, it may not be a good idea to buy all blue chairs. 

It’s Too Big

If you’re planning on downsizing your office, you may find that you also have to downsize some of your furniture. Similarly, if you’re expanding your team, you may find that you need to buy smaller desks in order to allow more employees to work in one room. In other cases, you may simply find that a desk is unnecessarily large for your needs – if all you need is a laptop and a phone, you may not need a large executive desk, and may find a smaller desk more comfortable. 

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