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Choose Your Friends With Care or It May Hurt Your Business

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Recent research has shown that professionals who spend their time with influential, business-driven people are more likely to become successful versus those who do not. Their bottom line numbers are higher, and their reach on social networks tends to be larger. They also tend to have more time to devote towards their business goals, as well as the ability to make better decisions. While your friends may seem irrelevant, the research wholly proves they are not.

Take a look at your five closest friends. Can you honestly say that they amazing? Are they driven to succeed, helpful, knowledgeable, and just general awesome? If you can honestly answer yes then you are in a very good position. If you can not honestly answer yes, you may need to rethink your group of closest friends. Perhaps it sounds harsh or conceited, but if you want to make it in the business world you must do everything within your power to push yourself up the ladder.

How The Right Friends Can Help

It is unfortunately true that the company you keep influences you in very real ways. The benefits of keep an amazing group of friends range through your business and personal life. In your personal life, you receive a better support system. The right kind of friends can help to life you up, will understand your frustrations, and will not be upset when you have no free time to spend with them. They’ll understand, which eases stress in your personal life by a good margin. Professionally you are opening yourself up to a larger network by increasing your business contacts. Others who are goal-oriented will be able to give you ideas, share new information, and generally keep abreast of everything going on in the business world. Additionally, having a good group of friends makes you look more reliable and professional in all aspects of your life. Your ability to properly network may also increase as your contacts do.

How The Wrong Friends Can Hurt

But what can the wrong group of friends do? Sure, you’ve heard the amazing benefits of having an amazing group of goal-driven, business-oriented professionals, but can the wrong friends actually hurt your business? Sadly, the answer is yes. First and foremost, you will lack the proper support system and your networking abilities will be severely limited. Without the proper support system your stress levels are sure to rise. This, in turn, makes your job a hundred times more difficult than it has to be. Without a proper network of business contacts all of your ventures will be severely limited. Over and beyond this, your friends may not understand your desire to put most of your effort into your company or career. They may not stick around after a while, thus leading to having no friends at all. Besides which, if your friends are irresponsible, immature, or dramatic people may assume you are this way as well. It could hurt your reputation, and everyone knows that your personal reputation is just as important as your businesses.

Try to surround yourself with people who are like you. People who are driven to reach their goals and intent on climbing the ladder to success. Find friends who are reliable, supportive,mature, and capable. Your business ventures and personal sanity will thank you for it later.

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