Common Causes of Electrical Cable Failure

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A productive workday heavily relies on the cooperation of your infrastructureโ€™s cables. From faulty cables to harsh external factors, a lot of elements can compromise your companyโ€™s entire electrical and network systems.To better protect your office against power outages and detrimental downtime, reaching out to a Sydney electrical company or a similar team of local electricians in your area can help you to discover and avoid some of the most common causes of electrical cable failures. Knowing what causes an unfortunate outage can inform which preventative measures your company could benefit from.

Old Age

Like with most technology, electrical cables tend to fizzle out with old age. When your cables near the end of their lifespans, you may experience more electrical issues and delays.

Maintain the best electrical system by upgrading your cables as recommended by their manual. Exacerbating old cable issues instead of replacing the cords can harm other devices within your setup. Companies like Electrical Surplus Supply & Distributors buy and sell new electrical equipment supplies, and are the perfect partner for when it’s time to replace old with new.

UV Exposure

Too much UV exposure has a significant negative impact on cable insulation and sheathing. Exposure to sunlight leads to cracking insulation, which is likely to cause short-circuit cable failures. Properly protecting your outdoor Ethernet cables and electrical cables from sunlight and any other UV lighting your building may have requires you to carefully consider their placement.

Sheath Degradation

Sheathing is essential to the protection of electrical cables. Some sheathing materials can withstand challenging environments better than others. If you have a particularly moist, hot, or cold location where youโ€™re using electrical equipment, you must opt for high-grade cable sheathing if you want your wires to last.

Electrical Overloading

Electrical overloading is one of the common causes of electrical cable failure that also poses a major safety hazard to your business. Overloaded cables are prone to causing outages and electrical fires.

To prevent electrical overloading in your office, avoid plugging an abundance of appliances into one socket or adaptor. Taking preventative measures to stop electrical overloading from happening in the office wonโ€™t just save your company from aggravating downtime but will also ensure greater electrical safety at work.

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