Bringing Old Business Technology into the Modern Era

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Business technology is always on the move. From one year to the next, most people wouldn’t recognize the commercial tech market in the same way that they used to. Of course, though, not every company can move forwards as quickly as others. This means that even the most high-tech businesses in the world still need to be able to work with older technology, but this isn’t usually done through old machines. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that new devices are being used to cover the jobs that old machines used to do.


Faxing is an incredible system that was quite ahead of its time when it was first released. Being able to transmit the data on a piece of paper using only a phone line and a modem used to be extremely powerful before emails were invented, but some companies haven’t been able to break away from this tool. Many modern commercial printers have built-in fax machines, while Windows can operate a digital scanning application if you have a modem attached to the computer. This makes it possible for companies to use fax technology without having to rely on old machines that require toner and maintenance.

Phone Calls

Phone calls will always be essential to the world of business, providing people with the means to talk to one another over very long distances. Old school phone lines were hard for companies to manage, though, and would often require a small team of experts to make sure that everything was running smoothly. Using a cloud phone service solves this problem entirely, giving you the ability to have all of your company’s calls handled over the internet. This can have a dramatic impact on the quality of each call, while also opening the doors to video chats that will be even better for businesses.


Pagers used to be extremely popular, giving people the chance to contact someone without having to call them. These small devices would simply beep with a small message when the user gets a page, making them simple and easy to use. Modern instant messenger just about replaces this type of technology. Smartphones can act as much more than a pager, but there are still apps on the market that can make them operate in exactly the same way. Many companies provide their teams with smartphones, nowadays, making it easier to ensure that everyone is accessible all the time.


Typewriters have long been out of date, with computers being able to handle word processing far better than their older counterparts. Unfortunately, though, countless companies still rely on paper records from times gone by, and these can be very hard to deal with. Document scanning services can turn this around, making it possible to digitally reproduce documents made on machines like typewriters. This sort of software can recognize letters and symbols to enable the use of Ctrl-F.

As the world moves forwards, businesses are having to work extremely hard to make sure that they are able to keep up. Those that get left behind can find it hard to work with others, and this only gets worse as more time goes by. Of course, though, there are going to be plenty more changes in the coming years.

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