Business Tech You Can’t Live Without

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Technology is vital to any business as it not only facilitates efficient transactions but also makes a better impression on your clients. Using more advanced technology makes you appear more credible and reliable as a business. It will also allow you to do a quicker and more thorough job. Here are a few ways modern business tech can help you.


Customer relations manager (CRM) apps like EngageBay CRM andย HubSpot assist you with sales and transactions. With an extensive range of online tools, it aims to provide an all-in-one approach. Essentially a digital sales department, the CRM product tracks and manages interactions between a company and its customers and prospects. It allows you to analyze and forecast your revenue. Itโ€™s also free and integrates well with all common, modern software.


Square is an app that allows you to set up a point of sale and take card payments for example. You can make online and offline payments and it also helps to grow your business with real-time analytics. This will allow you to have a quick and easy process for invoicing and payments. Many devices can be equipped for card payments which means you make transactions anywhere. Wave accounting, on the other hand, manages your companies finances. It keeps track of sales, invoices, expenses, receipts, and general reports. This helps you to keep an eye on all of your transactions without an accounting department.


Dealing more with staff and wages, you gain a payroll department with the app Gusto which handles all of your tax deductions, benefits and other issues and emails everything automatically to your employees as well.


Biometrics are security measures put in place to protect your devices. The most common are fingerprint, iris scan, and voice or face recognition. These identify the user so you can feel secure in knowing that no one else can access your devices without your permission.

Nowadays itโ€™s easier to share documents in real-time by uploading them to the cloud. This is secure but itโ€™s still advisable to restrict your employeesโ€™ access. With many devices attached to your server and accessing your documents on the cloud, it might be a good idea to clean up your Active Directory (AD) with Directory Migration Tools.

Social Media

Instagram is the most effective way to market your business as there are millions of active users and 70% of people are reported to view a business page before buying. Set up an account and post as often as you can. LinkedIn is the most well-known app for facilitating business connections. This will help you to increase your client base and also to get in touch and network with other business owners. Facebook Pixel allows you to advertise on Facebook. You have to pay for the adverts but the service is very effective.

Itโ€™s recommendable to set up a blog for your business as well as post as often as possible. This will help to keep your followers interested and you can use it to promote your company.

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