Common Causes of Shipping Delays

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Starting a business and building it from the ground up involves overcoming a variety of challenges, and not all of them are from sources that you would expect. Stumbling on any of these hurdles can suddenly put you on your back foot, having to adapt and recover because of an incident that may have been completely outside of your control. One of these challenges that you will have to plan for and overcome will be impediments to the delivery of your freight. Here are some of the common causes of shipping delays.

Doubts About Documents

Documentation issues will derail your shipment quicker than almost any other cause. Differences in regulations between nations, territories, states, and cities make proper paperwork critical to navigating the complex world of shipping. Because of this, making sure that the shipment’s Bill of Lading is properly and completely filled out can resolve the majority of delays due to document mix-ups.

Port Problems

Another common issue causing delayed shipments is problems arriving when pulling into a port. Port authorities will occasionally stop or seize shipments for a variety of reasons, including the government not granting entrance, goods not meeting national standards, and errors with paperwork. There can also be random stops and searches to try to prevent smuggling of stolen, counterfeit, or illegal goods. Another possible reason for a delay at the port is from staffing problems at the port. Not having enough workers due to understaffing or illness can mean delays for all shipments.

Transit Troubles

Finally, there are many common causes of shipping delays from the vehicle on the road that is actually delivering your shipment. One cause of delays on the road is adverse travel conditions like inclement weather, vehicle malfunction, traffic, and natural disasters. It is also possible for shipments to get rolled into future ones to try to solve efficiency issues. Delivery vehicles can also be involved in accidents that take them out of action.

Many problems can crop up during the shipping phase that can impact the delivery of your freight to its destination. Knowing how to deal with a delayed shipment can help your business thrive while others falter and close.

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