Copywriting: Understanding the Basics

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“We’re hiring copywriters!”

As often as this phrase is seen, sometimes you are left wondering what in the world the job of copywriting even consists of. The dictionary refers to copywriting as an advertising gimmick; mainly promoting a product in hopes that it will help produce more sales. While that definition is vague, copywriting, to many businesses, is providing creative content – obviously in hopes of more sales, but the point is, it must be creative. Not only is it important in the promotion of your business or product, but it’s only goal is to assist in boosting sales.

The Purpose of the Copy

If a customer enters your place of business and is greeted by rude employees and staff members who are not only uneducated about your products but completely uninterested, the chances of that customer making a purchase are slim to none. In fact, once they leave, they are likely to never return.

When it comes to your online business, in place of a staff, you have creative and engaging content – this is usually the copy. The copy’s job is to grab the attention of the customer, promote the product and make a sale. If the content in your copy is only promotional like an overzealous salesperson, the customer may feel overwhelmed. The same results will occur when a copy does not inform or describe the product in detail.

How it’s Beneficial

If you’ve ever read the introductory paragraph to a new book and decided to buy it, whether you’re a reader or not, you’ve experienced a good copy.

In fact, if you’ve ever read the back of a Vitamin Water bottle and allowed it to affect your purchase, the job of the copywriter has been completed. Regardless of what the message relays, if it has piqued your interest or even persuaded you to choose their product instead of another, then the copy has been successful.

Good copywriting is inviting. It gives customers or potential customers a reason to choose you over the competition. Not only can a successful copy be beneficial for your business, but it can help provide your brand with an assuring reputation.

When a copy has snagged a sale or even made a customer question their loyalty to another brand, it has fulfilled its purpose.

What it Looks Like

A successful copy can come in many shapes or forms. Some of the key ingredients and results of a successful copy are:

  1. A clear message of what product your purpose serves as well as its benefits should be relayed to the targeted audience.
  2. A successful copy should make your product seem unique but still prove it is worth buying. The message should be creative and capture the attention of the customer.
  3. If a copy is written creatively and effectively, it can be used for long periods of time.

Tips to Remember

A successful copy is not strictly promotional. It is important that a copywriter captivates the attention of the customers rather than only trying to sell the product. Although there are many writers in the world, the job of a copywriter requires creativity. While many people can become writers, only the creative can produce an effective copy.

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