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Creating a Professional Yet Fun Office for Your Team

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The pandemic has seen a stark rise in employees working from home, leaving office spaces empty. The pros and cons of working from home have been debated for many years but faced with this forced change in our working habits has brought to light challenges and raised questions about the way in which we run our workplaces. Now that restrictions are lifting, you might be considering reopening your office, or even opening your first, to bring your staff together in person. This article aims to discuss what you can do when thinking about designing and laying out your office to ensure you team is both happy and encouraged to remain professional.

Furniture And Downtime

Having a great area for your workers to unwind during lunchtime and breaks is so important. A space with comfortable furniture, appealing dรฉcor, drinks facilities, and even activities and enrichment items like books and games are great choices. Remember, your staff are likely to be spending a huge portion of their time in this officeโ€”you must make sure they are happy.

Theme and Signage

Creating a great colour scheme and implementing your branding in the office can give your team a sense of pride and belonging. Nobody wants to come into a nondescript grey office space every day of their lives. Consider some professional-looking acrylic signage to sit behind your reception desk or on the wall at the entrance to the office. Companies that make quality signs work with top-quality acrylic products like CLAREX and will machine and fabricate your design for you. Not only will this boost morale of your team, but it gives visitors and clients a much better perception of your brand.

Healthy Habits

Nurturing your staff members to ensure a high level of mental wellness is so important to creating a positive and productive atmosphere. Flexible working habits, healthy snacks and drinks, and encouraging exercise and movement, will help to keep your teams mental and physical health in good condition. Itโ€™s very easy for people to get into unhealthy habits such as staying in their chair all day or adopting a bad posture. Consider ergonomic seating and desks, or even some daily exercise options for people. From a business point of view, if you team get sick, injured, or lose motivation, the quality of their work will begin to slide. From a human point of view, we need to look after each other as we are all going through this life together!

Bring The Outside In

There is a lot to be said for making your office a greener space. Plants have so many health benefits for us and go towards visually improving the workplace. Similarly, to having a good colour scheme and branding, adding plants (and keeping them alive!) will serve to boost the appeal of the space. Itโ€™s also well-documented that office plants reduce stress, help to keep the air fresh, and even reduce noise levels, actually absorbing noise when placed in the right areas, such as on hard surfaces. There are a multitude of plants that would be great for any office area, so get picking!

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