Innovative Food Technology Trends to Pave a Path in 2021

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Modern technology is bringing about a change in all spheres of life. And, the food and beverage manufacturing industry lie no step behind. What’s even better is that tech helps bring about beneficial changes and improvements.

Now that you’re wondering if all improvement comes down to tech in the traditional sense. Well, that’ll be a half-truth. Yes, it also accounts for innovation, to be precise.

There are various parts of innovation. From materials and packaging techniques to equipment, which users expect to foresee. Are you still following the age-old techniques? Well, here are some exciting things to look out for in the new year:

Drinks that Offer More

As per nutritionists, people today are paying greater attention to their health. They’re checking what’s in their food and beverages. People prefer drinks of their choice- ones that don’t contain sugar and are not processed. People are aware that these do more harm than good.

And, that’s the reason why kombucha- a functional beverage is gaining importance. After all, they have a world of benefits. Beyond the prebiotic drinks, you’ll see a tremendous increase in available drinks. Note that these drinks will be rich in omega-3 besides other drinks.

Smart Packaging

The food industry is dependent on efficient logistics and supply chain processes. It is because the industry deals with perishable products.

Materials today are sourced from different parts of the world. And, here’s where the automated material system and efficient supply chain management process come into play. These processes aid the delivery, storage, and shipping of perishable items like meat. And conveyors, stretch wrappers, carousels, and palletizers are equipment that helps. Experts say that these processes would be impossible without an inventory management system.

Advanced Computerized Technology

Regular advancements in food processing technology have cemented autonomous equipment and automation. Know that these are an integral part of the food production industry.

With an upsurge in demand and costs, automation reduces production time and increases output. These automated machines bring about safer facilities. It is because they cut worker impact while handling dangerous machinery and tools.

The Modernization of Processing Techniques

The food industry is foreseeing a comeback to the tried and true processing methods. But, the only difference is an up-gradation in technology along with other improvements. One of the techniques viewed as a strong revival is fermentation. And that’s because of an ever-growth in the popularity of fermented foods as well as beverages.

Decaying fruits mix well with saliva and wild rice. Then, these were left to ferment in small-sized batches. Fermentation was a process of ancient times. But, with the changing times, the techniques have also been changing. Industrial people have learned the maxims of streamlining the fermentation process. They’re also taking out ideas for less desirable ingredients.

The Verdict: New Year, Newer Trends

With the advent of modern technology, large-batch processes have been safer and much more accessible. Advanced analysis implements, precision temperature controls, and other equipment take credit for meeting the growing demands for the secure distribution of industrial products.

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