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Drumming Up Business: How To Grow Your Start-Up

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One of the biggest concerns that you will have when setting up a new business is where to find projects. Searching for the contracts that you will need to keep you afloat might be daunting. This may be especially true while you are building up your database of contacts.

Your Country Needs You

One of the best sources of work for your business could be projects that are in the national interest. You could search for government tenders for business. There will be many infrastructure projects that you could get involved in. Government tenders could be for any trade, and the contracts could be relatively long term and maybe lucrative.

There may be stringent requirements surrounding who the tenders are issued to, as often accusations of political bias may surround appointments. Your business will be scrutinized to ensure you are unbiased, nor are you affiliated with any serving political party. There may be security concerns, too, as you may have access to sensitive data or essential areas.

A Proactive Approach

One of the best ways to drum up interest for your business is by approaching potential clients yourself. This could be done in person, or via letter, or email.

Make sure you have a clear pitch with a firm offer. Anything that you bring to the table should be of benefit to them. If you are looking into replacing an existing contract that they have, try to find out any information regarding their current situation. You may find that people will be tight-lipped about what they are paying at the moment, or when contracts are due for renewal. But showing a willingness to offer a service that provides value for money, with an eye on the competition may mean that you will get an approach when the opportunity arises.

Make Phone Calls

If you want to make direct contact with potential clients, consider phoning up the offices of any that may be in the market for your services. It’s much harder to ignore a phone call than it is an email or letter.

Ask questions first, and get your future clients talking. Ascertain their needs before you try and sell anything to them. Once you know what they want, you can tailor your service to their needs.Β 

Building Up Contacts

When you are starting out, you should look for opportunities to network. This may mean going out to any relevant event. Joining local business groups is a great way to find contacts. You’ll get to keep your ear to the ground, and will be able to find out about the opportunities that may benefit your business before they arise.

Use Word Of Mouth And Testimonials

Once you have a few clients, you can use the good word of those you’ve given exceptional service to. Ask your clients to share a few words that you can use in your marketing. You might find that businesses will happily link their names with your business.

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