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How to Ensure the Lasting Success of Your E-Commerce Business

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Have you ever wondered why some e-Commerce businesses enjoy great success without making much effort, as if something is magically making things happen for them, while others huff and puff a great deal but still have difficulty staying above troubled waters?

Well, the truth is that these businesses have cracked the ‘success code’ of e-Commerce. They know what consumers want and are giving them exactly that.

And you can do the same if you want.

The winning formula is actually not so demanding and starts with offering consumers a personalized experience. Reports show that 43% of consumers like to do business with companies that give them a personalized experience.

So, if you’re having trouble winning new and retaining old customers, start offering consumers a personalized experience and your business will pick up immediately.

But that’s not all…

Offering consumers a personalized experience will work like magic in the long run, too. Reports show that e-Commerce companies that successfully handle personalization will record a 15% profit growth by 2020.

What else is a part of the winning formula?

Several things, like using multiple business channels.

In a survey involving 46,000 shoppers, the researchers found that 73% used more than one channel for shopping.

Reports also show that businesses with 4 or more digital channels will outmatch those with 1 or 2 digital channels by as much as 300 percent.

Do you think that’s all?

Then you should check out this infographic, which is an e-Commerce crystal ball of sorts. It explains in very clear terms what will – and won’t – work in the future.

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