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Where Do the Most Successful People Go for Inspiration?

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The most successful people inspire millions of people on a daily basis, and you’ll often see people share their quotes, read their interviews and follow their journeys. Due to the nature of their accomplishments we are intrigued as to how we can imitate their success. However, while we look to them to share their pearls of wisdom, have you ever wondered what are their own sources of inspiration?
Inspiration can come in various formats, a song, a book, the people around you, but for many of the greatest minds this involves finding a place of escapism. Retreating to a happy place can help you reset, find focus and help spur creativity. Berkeley Build uncovered the go to locations for the most iconic leaders and created some illustrations showcasing their headspaces.

What is perhaps interesting about these sources of inspiration, they aren’t the celebrity hotspots you might commonly associate with the rich and famous. For example, Steve Jobs, one of the most renowned technology innovators, would shy away from technology when looking to unwind. He would frequently visit a small village in Hawaii that had no access to television, phones or the internet. Oprah has a net worth of $2.8 billion and while she can afford to escape to some of the most luxurious destinations, her retreat of choice is her very own back garden. She finds sitting with a book under an oak tree surrounded by lavender plants and her dogs a haven of serenity. It’s interesting to see the humble locations that help spur on the leaders and reminds us to appreciate the little things in life.

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