Ensuring Your Business Is Equipped Against Digital Threats

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It’s true to say that the need to defend your business, and the means in which it may struggle to do so, are greater than ever. No longer are the days of fending off hoodlums from breaking into your retail store so common, although this can and does happen. The overwhelming majority of security breaches your company will face will come through technological means, often through intellectual property theft, data collection or attacks intended to shut down your operations.

Just think, this can and does happen to massive enterprises such as Sony, or even critical government systems such as the National Health Service in the United Kingdom. So, as ever, it’s essential to ensure our business is protected against these threats if we hope to stay protected. This means that taking a full, cohesive approach toward your computer data security is essential. If you can achieve that, then you’ll likely find yourself better equipped to handle the ups and downs, and most importantly, developing trends of trouble that could lead you into an unwanted spot.

Here’s what that may look like…

Understand What the Threats Actually Are

First we need to understand what the threats are in order to better protect against them. It can be that various scams are working in our industry right now, or simple attacks such as DDoS breaches are on the rise. Educating your teams as to what these threats are, how to handle and report them in the best possible sense can enable you to catch them early, and to put up the best practical defense. This means hiring an important managed IT service or competent tech team, and moving forward from there.

Secure Employee Best Practice

Employee best practice also matters. This means holding regular talks surrounding the pursuit of important VPN log-in use, the essential means in which to change passwords regularly and how appropriately they should be formed, on top of how to secure their own social media accounts or personal profiles with privacy depending on the nature of your work. All of this can make a difference, as online threats are complex and often multi-faceted. We cannot expect our staff to simply understand and adhere to best practice, we must ensure they do, and train them in this regard. It’s one of the most important investments you could make.

Make Security Fool Proof

Making your security foolproof is also an effective means in which to ensure your business, at all levels of access, is cared for. For instance, one-login VPN switch-on systems can allow your outsourced or guest workers to easily protect their data, no matter if that comes through software or an encrypted dongle for certain physical approaches. The more you can ensure this approach is cared for and considered, the less you have to worry about your security going downhill due to forgetful practice. Foolproof planning is a beautiful thing.

With this advice, we hope you can ensure your business is protected against all digital threats.

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